The Categories


This category is a mix of fictional and personal vent. It might not always make sense, but probably because it was written at some point in time where I was just writing whatever flowed from heart to mind and so on.


My opinions on the current affairs of the country,sports, global and other news aspects.
Also includes social comments, on stuff like relationships, or the ethics or rather the ‘ethos’ of the society.


My philosophical and at times fictional blabber. It can be appealing to some, and it can be confusing to others. I can’t do much about that. I just hope I don’t put someone into too deep a spiral of thought. Also at times might include lyrical stuff that I write from time to time.


A shot at writing super hero fictional tales. This category gets served the least from my end.


Articles, write ups, movie quotes, excerpts from books or speeches, song lyrics, basically all the stuff that I myself have not written, but I still wish to share with people on my blog.


Actual events that have taken place in my life upon which I have written factual write ups or simple commentary.


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