The Year of the West Indies

‘6 6 6 6! Carlos Braithwaite! Remember that name’ Just can’t get over the emotion with which Ian Bishop was commentating when in a 4 balls West Indies turned the nail biter final of the World T20 2016 on its head. It was quite literally amazing. The young all rounder in question made the 19... Continue Reading →


World T20 2016: Pakistan’s batting woes

Pakistan’s cricket team has been on a rotten run in the limited overs format. Yes the PSL was a good reprieve in between and certainly did warm the heart to see something Pakistan with the potential of becoming big in the years to come however fact is fact. In the ODI and T20 format our... Continue Reading →

The Mother of all Rivalries

Sports competitions and battles have long kept us glued to our seats or on the edge of them across the globe since forever. The adrenaline, the competition and the heroism of our warriors on field is something that never fails to attract. And all of this gets ever more exciting when it is between rivals.... Continue Reading →

The Power Within

Even against the greatest of odds, there is something in the human spirit – a magic blend of skill, faith and valor – that can lift men from certain defeat to incredible victory.                                                                                - Walter Lord The power of the human spirit is immeasurable, unimaginable and always a factor with utmost surprise. It is... Continue Reading →

Good Bye 2013, Hello 2014

First of all a Happy New Year to all those reading this blog. May 2014 bring wonderful eventualities to all your lives and to those of your loved ones. Right now that the pleasantries are done with – on with the blog. 2013 has certainly been an eventful year – personally and non-personally both. In... Continue Reading →

Farewell Tendulkar

For India, cricket is religion – and Sachin Tendulkar for them was a God of cricket. And after 24 years, 664 international matches (tests, ODIs and T20), 34,000+ runs, a ton of tons, 200 odd wickets, a first ever ODI double century and a World Cup victory later the little master at the age of... Continue Reading →

Waar–A Pakistani Cinema Win

In the last few years Pakistani cinema has been able to produce 1-2 movies which could be chalked as a ‘win’ because it showed some promise that maybe, just maybe this is the moment that our film industry will start a revival process. Sadly those 1 – 2 movies came about 5 years ago and... Continue Reading →

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