For people who personally know me

I will highly appreciate that the people who personally know me to please never , ever mention my actual name on this blog at any point in time. This is for people who know me personally. It is a request, a humble request. Never write my actual name in any comment whatsoever. I don’t want my name publicized.  The online name or rather the name by which i would prefer being called on such forums as my own blog or any other blog, would be sammy wiseguy. Kindly just call me that on blogs or universally open forums. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “For people who personally know me

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  1. hey .. thanks 🙂 .. really appreciate your comments. and love the fact that i have people who get ‘fascinated’ by my blog :). Thanks.. i’ll keep writing ..and you keep reading 🙂

  2. ok.. so now in retrospect, i think i don’t really adore it or am fascinated by it. 🙂 But it is definitely a blog that inspires me to write better and express myself better. In March 2010, i was probably high on blogging. 😉 A suggestion is: Change the theme. It seems everyone on wordpress is in love with it. 🙂

    1. errr so are you saying my blog isn’t good? :S. And inspires in a good way to write and express yourself better or in a way that I do a bad job that you have to write one to balance the space time continuum?

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