Of Azadi & Inquilab

Go Nawaz Go! Azadi! Inquilab! The march is now a sit in. The cries have been heard with an up and down fervor for the last 9 days in the capital. And very slowly it has somewhat crept towards the other cities of Pakistan as well. D-Chowk at Islamabad, Teen Talwar in Karachi. The numbers... Continue Reading →


Pakistan–67 Years On

Happy Independence Day to all people who stumble upon this blog. Happy another year of a mixed bag for Pakistan. Thou at times it gets harder and harder to count the good points amongst the worrying or the bad points. With all the long marches, opposition protests, terrorist attacks, corruption, energy issues and other woes... Continue Reading →

Causes of Concern

Bombs falling, bullets shattering the silence of the morning, blood, dust, chaos. Life interrupted. Iraq? Syria? Gaza? NWA? Nigeria? Yes lets add more countries there shall we. I mean since there are others as well which are going through some form of chaos other than the countries already making the rounds on social media. I... Continue Reading →

Good Bye 2013, Hello 2014

First of all a Happy New Year to all those reading this blog. May 2014 bring wonderful eventualities to all your lives and to those of your loved ones. Right now that the pleasantries are done with – on with the blog. 2013 has certainly been an eventful year – personally and non-personally both. In... Continue Reading →

Farewell Tendulkar

For India, cricket is religion – and Sachin Tendulkar for them was a God of cricket. And after 24 years, 664 international matches (tests, ODIs and T20), 34,000+ runs, a ton of tons, 200 odd wickets, a first ever ODI double century and a World Cup victory later the little master at the age of... Continue Reading →

A dash of pessimism?

Wake up to a dangerous narrative, interact with an increasingly disillusioned / disconnected / disjointed generation, drive home on the back of an insecurity of being robbed. Oh did I miss out the whole part about arguing with the merits of logic on your side against the absolute ‘thickness’ of a brick wall on the... Continue Reading →


Sure… let’s ban Whatsapp / VIBER / Skype and all other modes of Data Communication so that our security gets jacked up by X%. I mean like half the plans are made on these forums to begin with. And of course now that our government agencies are saying that these terrorist cells have moved from... Continue Reading →

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