Anwar Maqsood ka Dharna!


The latest offering by Anwar Maqsood and KopyKats or rather Dawar Mehmood collaboration was on stage across Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi from November 2014 till February 2015. The Karachi shows began in January 2015 and after two failed attempts to watch it earlier I was finally able to go on the last day of the show on the 18th.

Two failed attempts, previous plays track records (14 August series, Aangan Tera etc.) along with the fact that it’s Anwar Maqsood definitely built up a credible amount of anticipation and expectation from the play. To their end the actors did a fabulous job in the roles handed to them. The Maulana, Saad Rafiq, Imran Khan etc. And of course the voice over provided for the calling ‘Bhai’ from London. All were fantastic and more or less spot on in their respective roles. However the overall play and the script just felt it was missing a coup le of zings to make it a really memorable one. This seemed to be more of a filler written to ensure attractiveness of the crowds to the Maqsood – Dawar combo which has been fairly going strong since Pawney Chauda August.

The story lacked anything strong – something that we have grown accustomed to from Anwar Maqsood’s writings. The entertainment value was there for bits and pieces but I would definitely not put it right up there with some of his more memorable works. The actors as I had mentioned earlier thou played their parts really well. Some of the funnier moments:

Maulana calling Surmai Soomro closer to him suspiciously during the commercial break only to start going on a ‘selfie’ craze. Bhai’s call from London was just fantastic.. like seriously. Saad Rafiq’s being entered on the show twice on PTI’s song. Imran Khan confessing that the containers are driving him mad and how he can’t do anything else.  Maulana’s childish tantrum when he can’t sit in between the ladies any more. I think the best was Maulana Diesel generally!


The play is over now so I can’t really tell you all to go or not to go. However I would assume that I probably wouldn’t have recommended people to go expecting a lot. Maybe the hype and expectation sort of dampened it a bit for me. Still it wasn’t a play devoid of entertainment so overall I would rate it probably a 6.5-7/10

But power to the plays! Keep them coming. More like the Chauda August series thou!


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