On The Peshawer Attacks (16-Dec-2014)

Barbaric. Brutal. Disgusting. Criminal. Inhuman. Worse than animals. Heartless. Mindless. Etc etc etc.

These and many other words are and will continue to do their rounds on the social media, internet, talk shows, news channels and drawing rooms against the Taliban. The attacks on the Peshawer school (a school I also attended when we were posted there in the mid 90s) have left a gut wrenching feeling of absolute disgust. It is sickening. It is demoralizing on a number of levels. No amount of words or solidarity can ease the pain of the 130+ families that have been scarred for life with the loss of their loved ones. Not to mention the children who survived but are no doubt in trauma. Their scars are also very real and are something that they will live with for the rest of their lives. To have witnessed a brutality and barbarism of this sort in your childhood … it is unthinkable. I have no words for the pain. No one can possibly have any words. All we can have is prayer. For those departed, for those left behind.

Anyone still hoping for ‘Dialogue’? I hope not. Dialogue was never the way. I was, am and will be for the fact that the Taliban problem is not a dialogue one. Military operation is the only way. It shall continue to be the only way. The resolve should only get stronger to avenge the deaths of yesterday and from every other incident of the Taliban attacks to go after them and finish of this insurgency once and for all. There will be collateral damage – already has been. There will continue to be collateral damage. A war like this (yes we are at war) doesn’t come free of innocent deaths. That will be there and that is something which is out of one’s control. The bigger objective is ridding our nation of this scum, this barbaric band of murderers who brandish their own justice in the name of a religion which is and will be for peace and justice. Their actions are against the very religion they supposedly have set themselves for Jihad in the name of.

There has been an outpour on the social media in solidarity of the deaths with people changing their facebook pictures and cover photos to black. Others have come out on the street and lit candles to observe vigil. Pictures are being shared. Statements are being shared. All this is commendable on some level I suppose but it will not bring those responsible to justice. There needs to be action. There needs to be absolute and decisive action.

In this time in my opinion the entire nation needs to be behind the armed forces, with the people who are fighting on the front lines. Who are living on the front lines. For their bravery and for their sacrifices. Now is not the time to go after every ailment of this country. Yes there are many. The first and foremost objective needs to be this – eliminate terrorism. Eliminate their holes. Go after them. Smoke them out. Bomb them to heck. We can’t have constant political impasses and a war in the north at the same time. Priorities need to be set straight. There will be a time to fix the rest of the things as well. But first let’s bring focus to this. The most important of things. Destroy this enemy.

We cannot move forward as a nation on any front until and unless we resolve the security of our country. Especially when the security of your children is compromised – its just over then.

The Peshawer Army Public School attacks are a terrible tragedy which is beyond words. May Allah rest the souls of those who have departed in peace. May Allah give courage and peace to those who survived and live with the scars. May Allah give strength to those who lost their loved ones. May Allah give us, our leaders and our forces the foresight, wisdom and ability to overcome and defeat this evil once and for all.




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