The Greener Grass


I was recently told by someone that despite all that is taking place in my personal life with my mom’s cancer and visits/stay at the hospital that I still manage to come to work without giving any such impression. While it is good that people perceive that, I know I have some tells which can give away that there are cogs working in my mental background. However it did make me think that there are people who while being in the midst of some of the most traumatic life experiences still manage to show up looking like a million dollars as if life was all cherries and gold. And that in turn made me think more and how people tend to look at others or their circumstances and start wanting all of that. The greener grass.

People inadvertently always tend to drift towards this psyche that regardless of what their current circumstances are – the philosophical grass is always greener on the philosophical other side. In all this philosophy the reality is of course sometimes a foregone conclusion. Nailed somewhere in the background and out of sight. But the thing is that the grass while greener isn’t all that it seems. Eyes can deceive and things may not always be as they seem.

Every one is fighting their own personal battle and regardless of comparison of one battle or the next or someone else’s – it is ‘their’ battle. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Everyone’s struggle is different. Even if a person is genuinely happy with nothing wrong in their life at a certain point in time one simply cannot know what that person has already had to endure to get there or what all he must endure in the future. One cannot know of someone else’s trials and tribulations simply by looking at them.

People are where they are after having gotten there. They have either endured or their cosmic fates are preparing them to try and endure what lies ahead. Everyone’s journey is different.

It would be better then to stop lusting for that philosophical grass and instead working on the one that we have been given on our side to fend for. We are given our lives, our specific lives because we are strong enough to live it. To face it. Let’s remember that. And then go forth and live.


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