Time – the greatest healer

Time is by far one of the most precious commodities that every single human being has at their disposal regardless of their background. It works independent of us. It brings joy, it brings peace, brings tears and brings in some cases understanding. One of the greatest capacities that time has is its capacity to heal. Time heals everything. It is the greatest healer.

We experience a lot of draining emotions in life and some of those emotions take longer than others to get digested or moved past from. There is pain, sadness, depression, hurt, broken hearts, lost trust, bruised egos, shattered confidences, trauma. And there is death.

When we lose someone close to us, even thou we know that death is also part of life, we feel an immense amount of pain. Even if the loved one was suffering and that suffering has come to an end – we still feel the pain. The pain is of course of not having them with you anymore. The pain is of the overwhelming flashbacks from your memories with them. The pain is of all the things that you said and all things you didn’t say. The pain is the space, the gap, the hole, the void that is left in your life and which cannot be filled. In some cases perhaps replicated or replaced, but never filled. But then, there is time. Time heals, time teaches, time helps. Time remains our greatest support system.

4 years ago on the 9th of Jan, 2010 I lost my father. He was healthy. He had no illness, no one could see it coming (apart from this that it is an inevitable truth). I know initially it was something that required coming to terms with. I am thankful that Allah gave all of us strength to deal with his loss. But coming to terms with his sudden departure. That there was no warning. That there couldn’t be any goodbyes, no last words. He went in peace, and time helped in making that my strength. That he didn’t suffer. Time healed the pain of not having him in my life anymore.  Time – the greatest healer helps that way. I love Abbi, and I still miss him and always will. There are moments when I really do feel his absence, a lot. And nothing will change that ever. But again, time has helped me cope with that. But how 4 years have come to pass, I can’t say. Sometimes it feels like an eternity that I could speak to him. And at others it just seems like yesterday when it happened. Life goes on. It went on. Time saw to that.

There is solace in the fact that we know in our hearts that our close ones have gone to a better place. There is peace that they don’t cease to exist and continue living through us. Through our memories.

I lost my Grandmother last year. And then there was of course my own personal emotionally draining experience. Over the course of the months that have passed for both those things – I have gradually come to learn to live with both those realities. One way or the other.

The point is, yes there are many experiences of different nature and varying intensities in peoples lives. Everyone has their own personal hell or emotional baggage. No one is issue free, at least not in this day and age. But whatever the case, whoever the person – time is always there , working at its own pace. All we have to do is to give things time.


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