A dash of pessimism?

Wake up to a dangerous narrative, interact with an increasingly disillusioned / disconnected / disjointed generation, drive home on the back of an insecurity of being robbed. Oh did I miss out the whole part about arguing with the merits of logic on your side against the absolute ‘thickness’ of a brick wall on the other?

Yep, that’s pretty much what makes up an average day in this country these days. Add to that the normal everyday and everywhere things like work, career, competition, rising inflation etc etc. As it is all these elements are getting tougher and tougher as well.

Sprinkle some fears over the fact that natural disasters are getting ever more frequent. The latest being a typhoon which hit the Philippines, causing damage and loss of life on a large scale. The last I saw on the news the death toll was being put at 10,000+. The infrastructural loss was massive as well.

Taking all of the above in totality and one just wonders how is it exactly that the world is going on. Well maybe that isn’t the entirely the right question. Perhaps the better question here would be till when will the world keep going on like this.

Not very long ago I wrote a post on the ‘moral corruption’ in the current society. Maybe the end is nigh?

A boiling pot waiting to boil over. Pessimistic much? Realistic? Practical? Or putting together certain facts and drawing some conclusions together? You can decide and draw your own conclusions.


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