Sure… let’s ban Whatsapp / VIBER / Skype and all other modes of Data Communication so that our security gets jacked up by X%. I mean like half the plans are made on these forums to begin with. And of course now that our government agencies are saying that these terrorist cells have moved from GSM networks to Data Networks it makes the plan all the more credible. Of course they won’t ever think to send an SMS because if they do then memories of RehBAN Malik shall be revived. Long live democracy and the liberal PPP and all these wonderfully well made policies that shall ensure our security and life and what not. Since we are at it .. might as well go all the way. Let’s ban all forms of communication! Ban SMS, Ban PTCL, Ban Speaking (because terrorists use their voices to make plans also and that hinders the security for the valued citizens of the province), ban sign language (as a future measure) and also please ban ‘Eye 2 Eye’ correspondence and contact.

In return – as someone I know put it – please guarantee us a fool proof security period without any lapses. Guarantee results in terms of terrorists captured and brought to justice. Guarantee that there will be no bloodshed, no loss of innocent life. IF – and that’s a big if – this all is guaranteed then sure ban these things for a quarter , half a year or even a year. But see that’s just the thing; that IF is never really getting materialized. They know it, we know it and even the terrorists know it.

What is the point of hampering communication channels which are used by common citizens? More and more by the very common man especially in this day and age an increasing need to be tech savvy. In an age when one should remain connected.

And let’s face it – no one likes the fact that this ban is quite close to the auction of the 3G, 4G and other telecomm licenses. I mean everyone can do 2+2 and especially given the track record of our esteemed leaders and politicians the most obscure of calculations can be conceived. Even the fact that Chaudry Nisar stated that the suggestion is under review and that the ban will not be placed until the review is done and the center is convinced of it’s fruitfulness seems more like a review of the benefit of such a ban to the pockets of the Federal Government. Any expectation that they might actually be doing anything for this country seems delusional and impossible now.

Honestly with such brilliant leadership; absolute lack of focus on the problems at hand and more focus on thrusting onto to the seat of power and lining of pockets; increasing security and well being concerns it gets hard for even the most ardent patriot to defend any hope for the future of this country.


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