‘Shudd Desi Romance’– A waste

I have never really been compelled to write reviews over movies on this blog. I think I may have written about just one or two movies or spoken about them in more of a category rather than specifically one.

However I was recently witness to one of the worst movies I have ever seen which on top of it was useless, irresponsible and personally for me it was way too offensive to some collective culture of the sub-continent as a whole. The last part strictly being my opinion.

The movie – though generally lacks any sort of plot or solid storyline – basically follows the doings of a man and woman and then another woman. Wherein the man meets woman A on his way to marry woman B, gets cold feet and runs from his wedding. He hooks up later on with woman A who surprisingly without knowing anything about him and having just known him for a total of perhaps 25 hours (travel time on bus journey to wedding included) decides to say yes to his extremely feeble case for them to be together. They sleep together and also decide to become live in boyfriend/girlfriend. This moves on towards a drunk proposal and yes. And a second wedding… only this time woman A runs away from their wedding. Man distraught hooks up with Woman B by chance once more. Now he starts regretting running from the original wedding and starts going out with her (WHO by the way is OK in forgiving him from leaving her stranded at the ALTAR!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY!) Anyway so they have good chemistry going and man decides to propose to her only to have woman A return – cause all sorts of emotional mix up with eventually woman B deciding that this is all stupid and that she needs a life and moves out of the story. Woman A and Man again decide to get married however this time they both run away. In the end they both decide that basically marriage is stupid and that they are both not meant for it and that the live in situation is quite acceptable to them both. The End.

10 minutes into the movie and I had started fuming through the rest. I had already paid for the ticket and was their with friends so didn’t leave. But it was seriously a super waste of my 2-3 hours. A waste, useless, irresponsible movie. All it did was promote sex and the idea of not being married and still having a live in relationship. That is not our culture. I am not from the same generation as my parents but even for me this was offensive. The whole ideology was offensive. What this movie promoted was offensive and I am appalled at what our the censor body in Pakistan allows to go on in cinemas and instead decides to ban other movies which are not anywhere near anything that needs to be banned. Even the acting was bad. There was nothing at all special about the movie or the acting or the songs , not one useful thing.

To the creators of the movie – please don’t make any more movies. To the actor – you are not a hero. To the actresses – seriously???

Please don’t watch this movie – at the very sound of its name just bang your head against a wall and get that headache there and then instead of wasting 3 hours getting it.


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