The Shahzeb Khan Murder Case

The murderers have been pardoned in the name of Allah, so said the parents of Shahzeb Khan. He was their son and of course they have every right to take whatever decision they feel is in the best interest and be answerable to Allah for these decisions.

‘We may not have forgiven them in our hearts but we have pardoned them in the name of Allah’ said the mother.
‘We have taken this decision after taking everything into consideration – I have taken it for the betterment of all involved. I know what I am doing. I have left it to Allah and in his name we have pardoned them’ said Aurungzeb Khan – the father – on a Shahzeb Khanzada’s talk show on Express yesterday.

They have on media at least denied any pressure, coercion, threat or deals of 25 crores and moves to Australia (something that has been turning the rumor mill quite aggressively since the last couple of days).

So yes. They are the parents and they have exercised their rights to pardon the killers. But something is not right here. Something is not right for all those who stood up, raised their voices, drove the social media against the culprits. Something is not right for even the media anchors who took it upon themselves to cover this story to the absolute (for whatever motivation they may have had). Something is not right when a citizen of the state was mowed down and shot several times in cold blood in public and the killer walks away scot free after ‘some’ months of ‘inconvenience’. Not to mention the whole Victory Sign waving clearly pointing to the absence of any remorse.

‘Shahzeb Khan’s parents : we fought for your son, you didn’t’ – a blog titled on the Express Tribune’s blog site- the title clearly shows some amount of trust damaged in the people and the good of this country. Sentiment hurt over justice being snatched away after it was well ordered if not served. That as long as you have money, and lots of it, you are more or less free – free to do as you please, free to loot, plunder and murder. Free to walk and breather corrupt and with malice. ‘He was shot then but he died today’.

But let’s all be a little fair – a little more human. If they have been pressurized into pardoning the murderers then they wouldn’t very well blurt it out on media or go public about that. Especially given they have their remaining children (both daughters) to think about. Then the families associated with them. And the witnesses and their families and the others who have supported and helped them. So even if this has happened – then in all fairness question first what you would have done in their place. Made the deal and sought a ‘maybe’ more secure and safe future for your daughters and the others involved or a not at all safe future infested with enmity rich powerful families. I am not justifying the actions but I am not willing to condemn them either if this is indeed the case. As for the points about the Australian exit and settlement – that could be the media and rumor mill working in overdrive and could not be. I wouldn’t comment on that.

So instead of focusing on the parents and why they took the decision that they did. And the subsequent family infighting that has followed (as was evident from the Shahzeb Khanzada’s show on Express News yesterday). Why not ask the following? Why is the state not taking any action? Isn’t this essentially a crime against the state? Isn’t this a danger against the citizens of the state? Why are some of the otherwise outspoken politicians and leaders silent on this issue? Where is the Naya Pakistan? Where is the ‘Court of Chaudry’ otherwise so active in stamping its authority?

Something is surely not right here but one simply can’t blame the parents and say ‘we did our part – they have let themselves down’.

The state and the justice system has failed in letting a murderer walk free while waving a victory sign and zero remorse.


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