After days and weeks of teasing we finally have rain! And what wonderful glorious rain it is. If it was not for Ramadan I would have been munching down on pakoras right about now. That with some good doodh patti. But it is Ramadan and this too is a blessing – how the weather has been kind during this month.

Everything refreshed, a short time enjoying the rain in totality (basically standing in the open and embracing the falling drops with open arms!). Check for a good day.

People as usual get concerned and rightly so. ‘Is the basement motor running?’ ‘Are the windows leaking?’ ‘I hope your street hasn’t flooded’

Yes all valid concerns but the streets will dry, the motor will run and make sure the basement doesn’t flood. Some water will come in the house an can be cleaned. It can all be taken care of. Enjoy the mausam people. The rest will happen.

Go splash on water or embrace the wonderfully chill drops outside. Or just look at the sky and feel inspired, imagine. Create- art, a story. Something. Anything. But go and grasp this weather. It’s a weather of myths and ancient tales.

Speaking of which my mother was saying to me earlier when it was roaring with thunder and lightning – that it is said thunder is the outcome of Allah’s anger on angels. Some myths belief that thunder is the clash of entities beyond this realm. Some say it is the the Norse God of lightning. Marvel’s Thor going ape in Asgard and causing the storm and thunder!

So like I said – it’s the weather for stories, art, creation, inspiration, embracement and of myths and Gods.

It’s a wonderful feeling standing and soaking yourself in the rain.




One comment

  1. I wish I could relate to whatever said. I have tried very hard to like rain. But the more I try, the more I end up hating it.

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