A Distasteful Act

Before I begin allow me to make a couple of things absolutely clear.
Taher Shah’s song is bad. I find it lacking any appeal whatsoever. The fact that he has gained overnight fame thanks to the social media is not so much to do with any talent but more so the hilarity in it and hence has gone viral. If I had any say in the production or release of such a song then it would probably have never seen the light of day. However the fact of the matter is that Taher Shah has used the social media to gain popularity, I don’t think it was released on any music channel and was in fact probably uploaded and spread by Shah on social media itself hence making it a case of something along the lines of ‘freedom of speech’.

I still hate the song.

Right, that being cleared up let us move on to the recent appearance of Tahir Shah on Amir Liaquat’s Iftaar Show on GEO TV. As it is I have always found Amir Liaquat to be a despicable personality with no sense of morals whatsoever. He is the kind of anchor that would do anything short of killing himself to gain as many ratings as possible. Along with him, GEO News continues being a channel which also in pursuit of ratings will do anything short of actually killing someone. (or well that can be debated in wildly imagined conspiracy theories).

The combination of both instills an automatic instinct of mistrust. I find neither host nor channel morally credible in such instances. Amir Liaquat has had a history of controversy which further pushes him into the realm of ‘Not to be trusted’ , ‘disliked’ , ‘loathed’ , ‘despised’ etc etc.

What took the cake was when these idiots called Taher Shah on their show only to make a mockery of him. It was clear to anyone with an iota of common sense and decency that Liaquat’s sole purpose was to parade him around like a monkey on his show, take pot shots at him like a kid in school who is pointing at the odd one out who just dropped his pants or something. His behavior was absolutely lude, profane and undignified. But then again, what can one expect from a person whose educational degrees are questionable. And wonderfully ‘clean language’ video was leaked last year. The man is in the true sense the worst possible kind of ‘mela’.

Regardless of the fact that Taher Shah’s song sucks that doesn’t give Liaquat any license to call him on his show and treat him the way he did. He was insulting. He was personal. On one occasion he started ridiculing his hair. In another instance he actually said ‘sir aap aik tafreeh hain’. Then while having asked him to sing his song deliberately doing various things to interrupt and cause all sort of discomfort to Taher Shah. He even tried wrapping a snake around him!! And hugged him from behind!

Taher Shah’s agent should screw GEO and take them to task for this. This was an outright attempt to defame the character and reputation of their client and GEO and Amir Liaquat should not be let off the hook over this.
Other than the Taher Shah episode also, the manner in which this current Iftaar show is being conducted is unfortunate. The month of Ramadan has been reduced to a commercial venture by these idiots. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of spirituality involved which should have been the key ingredient. And the various stunts being pulled off on the show are also too much.

I can’t stand the man and hence find it difficult to try and watch the show but the kind of stunts he has apparently been carrying out is absolutely shameless, ridiculous and irresponsible. GEO should also be ashamed of what they are doing. They have always liked sensationalizing everything (news to shows alike) and it’s high time they start acting more sensibly and responsibly.
If the classic answer to this is that their ratings increase and that the nation wants this kind of entertainment well then my friend that is exactly where the channel and media has to be more responsible.

And also to people who would say that we have been making fun of Taher Shah ourselves – well to all of you sirs and ladies – we have been doing so in ‘Freedom of Speech’. We didn’t invite the sheep home and attack it like a pack of hungry and savage wolves which is exactly what GEO and Liaquat did.


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