Of Moral Corruption

I have been mulling over a few incidents that I have come across, heard about or seen in the news with regards to the degradation of the moral fabric of the social setup that we live in. This seems a little more on the forefront now as the incidents are becoming more frequent and glaring in our society and not just incidents of other countries. Ranging from domestic violence to abuse to adultery to murder. Of course the common reader will say that this has been there in Pakistan for a long time – the rural areas will testify to that. And some pockets of urban and semi urban areas. That holding true doesn’t make it any less disturbing. And all said and done it has increased and increased in a way which is making the moral fabric of the society more and more corrupt.

We already face terrorist attacks, target killings, sectarian violence, ethnic violence and religious intolerance. That much is evident in the following:

· We have lost almost 5000 people to terrorist attacks since 2008 pan Pakistan (source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/527016/pakistani-victims-war-on-terror-toll-put-at-49000/)

· Data collected through open sources suggested that some 2,674 people lost their lives in 1,108 incidents of violence across the country from January to April of this year(Source: Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), http://x.dawn.com/2013/05/05/2670-people-killed-in-pakistan-in-four-months/)

· In the last 18 months, 203 incidents of sectarian violence in Pakistan resulted in 1,800 casualties, including 717 deaths, of which 635 were Shia (source: US Commission on International Human Rights,http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2013%5C07%5C19%5Cstory_19-7-2013_pg12_1)

· There were at least 1,636 “honor killings” last year, said Pakistani rights group The Aurat Foundation (http://beta.dawn.com/news/777491/pakistani-women-turn-to-once-taboo-divorce-to-escape-abuse)

But these are all things we see and read in the news on a daily basis. So we are tuned into this statistic even if we don’t know it. Post 9/11 terrorism has increased. We have had spates of religious intolerance from time to time. Ethnic clashes are not new.

When husbands and wives start getting murdered by their better halves, or when a man (who is otherwise doing perfectly well in his life) murders his family of 4 and then commits suicide, when there seems to be a level of acceptance at it being ok for someone to break another home (cause of divorce) or even without any influence the number of homes that are broken.  (the rate of divorce has drastically increased in the last decade. In Islamabad alone the number of divorces increased from 208 in 2002 to 557 in 2011). I was note able to gather any statistics online for 2012 / 13 but I know I have heard a lot of cases personally from various sources.

There is an increase in the number of children going astray, leaving basic good values far behind. Recent cases of kids getting involved in shooting/murders of other kids as a result of some bust up (Shahrukh Jatoi, Shahzeb Khan, Hamza Jawad etc) are examples of this. Then there are other things as well – the wonderful parties where everything is magical because they all smoked up, did pot or that miracle drug called ecstasy. Then there are cases of some kids even running away from homes to be with the ‘loves of their lives’.

These are just a few examples and by no means generalize the society at large. But the fact is that these are all different problems pertaining to different people. And they are chewing at the moral fabric of our society. Just yesterday I heard about two cases, almost similar, where the husband was murdered by his wife and her lover.

Even when we talk about the above mentioned national level problems – ethnic violence, religious intolerance etc. The fact remains that as a nation we are seeming inclined towards immunity rather than action. The philosophy in general seems to be ‘Damn this is really bad shit happening. Ok time to go to work’. We are more or less in a state of accepting all that is wrong rather than standing up against it and demanding a change or some sort of action (this for the problems that are happening at national level more so then on an individual scale). The individual level issues demand prayer. And a close look at ourselves.

We are standing dangerously close to losing basic moral fabrics from our social structure and I for one feel very disturbed and at a certain level helpless at this state of affairs. Years from now if this path isn’t changed we will be asked by those future generations ‘What did you do when the decay started?’ and all we would be able to answer ‘We stood and watched as the devil celebrated every moral fibre’s breaking’


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