Of Malala

Malala Yousufzai, the 16 year old brave girl who survived a taliban attack last year, delivered a fine speech at the UN Youth Takeover earlier this week in New York. She spoke primarily for the cause of education. For the cause of girls education from the region she hails from. The cause she raised her voice for and for which she was attacked. She delivered her speech with absolute calm and poise, viewed by a father who was beaming with pride and a mother who could not help but be emotional. It was certainly a moving moment. And why shouldn’t it be? Malala deserves the applauds that are coming her way. And for once I think we should rise above the conspiracy theories and just take this for what it is. The girl who survived an attack and went on to address the world.

I am not for one moment saying that she has gone through the worst possible experience and that there aren’t others out there. Yes there are – she pointed that out in her speech as well. She rightly said she is just one among many. But let’s rise above trying to make this into yet another American Conspiracy towards defaming Pakistan. Lets for once try and rise above our obsession with the US meddling in Pakistan. They do.. I am sure they still have agents / assets running around in Pakistan providing Langley with whatever the required intel is. But let’s not take anything away from what Malala has achieved here and what she stands for. What she symbolizes.

The speech may very well have been written for her. But she is still the one who delivered it with such authority and calmness that you could not fault her. And she doesn’t boast of a private school background – she has achieved this on her own through the basic system of schooling that was available to her.

And again – she was attacked, bullet to her head. It is not easy for anyone to come back strong from something as traumatic as that let alone a mere 16 year old girl.

I for one would like to applaud Malala for surviving and displaying the courage and maturity that seems years beyond her age. And I would also applaud all other Malalas who have gone through the same but have unfortunately not gotten the same media focus or attention. Those who continue in their silent struggle. Those who are waiting for their chance to free themselves from the shackles. ‘The Pen is mightier than the sword’. It certainly came true last week at the UN Youth Takeover.

Bravo Malala, I wish you all the success for your cause and I wish a better fortune for everyone for whom you have raised your voice. I will certainly try and do whatever I can to help this cause, for ‘Education First’. Can we all rise above the conspiracy theories and drawing room discussions to do the same?


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