Superhero vs Supercop

So I saw this movie called ‘Policegiri’ over the weekend. It was a pathetic B Grade Bollywood production with the only thing they could boast was being able to put a poster with Sanjay Dutt on it. Well at least that’s what anyone with a good sense of things would say about this movie. But then again there are those who will go for the selective entertainment value of it and say ‘Pffft – snob’.

Anyway .. so I saw the movie. It was yet another super bollywood cop who could pull off all sorts of fighting miracles from making objects freeze in mid air to performing physically impossible tasks like doing a torpedo type horizontal jump from one moving car into another while both cars are in motion and the super cop was the one driving his car (and there was no one else in the car mind you).

To this the selective entertainment folk might say that ‘The supermans and spidermans and wolverines and hulks and whatnots of hollywood absolutely ridiculous fantasy type stuff .. that’s ok… but when the super cop does it you have a problem?’ To which my answer remains .. they make it look real at least. The super cop just makes it look ridiculous.

We have seen the revival of super cop movies in Bollywood ever since Salman Khan took up the mantle of ‘Chulbul Pandey’ (if I am not mistaken that was the character’s name) in Dabang. Since then there has been Dabang 2, Singham, Rowdy Rathore and now this ‘Policegiri’. There might very well have been others in between which I may have missed. These super cops are super strong, super athletic, super agile, super fantastic and most of all SUPER INVENTIVE. It’s almost as if some guy with a poor imagination wrote his ultimate fighting fantasy for these super cops. From creating physical miracles in fighting to taking on the 100 henchman single handedly to the signature move (which may be a straightening of the shirt or some special gesture) to the signature dialogue. The super cops are studs regardless of their age. And the heroine falls for the super cop.. again regardless of the age. Sanjay baba’s venture makes me want to emphasize on the age point.

What do the superheroes of hollywood have to offer against the personification of the Patriotic, super trained, super duper fighting super cop of bollywood? Sure they can shoot webs, fly in the air, grow big and green when angry and wield the power of lightning. They may very well be billionaire geniuses who use their wealth to fight crime and evil. They may not even be from this world. They still don’t hold a candle to the super cop who can freeze his aviators after throwing them away and shoot at a dagger coming towards him while looking at the reflection in the said aviators. Honestly the stunts and sequences are so retarded that its not even possible to explain them without causing absolute silly confusion.

While hollywood’s supers may have been developed and brought to the silver screen to make the fantasy look much more real, what bollywood has done is capture the audience through sheer stupid moves obvious to everyone and mix it up with the right dialogues and lude jokes and at times an absolutely disregardful side kick character. And one of the all time important ingredients – a good and voluptuous actress performing an item song.

So in the words of Rowdy Rathore ‘Don’t angry me’ and go and appreciate all that the super cops do for us. I mean come on, they fight the bad guys, save the girl, do the dance, fight like a mixture of bruce lee, neo and superman (without flying or shooting eye lasers) and make aviators, a uniform and inappropriate jokes look good.


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