Naya Pakistan?

Almost two months have come to pass since the election and already there seems to be a familiar cycle resuming. A unfortunate ‘same old same old’ seems to be ringing in the air. It almost seems that given a couple of more months and all the naysayers and pessimists/uber realists will be lined up to have their chance at telling us all ‘We told you so!’ An unusually absent Prime Minister, a somewhat sheepish sounding and directionally unsound looking government and the lack of anything big in terms of an action or step have all given more substance to these thoughts than anything else.

On top of that – the nagging issues still remain the same, almost as if they have maintained their status quo after the much anticipated and talked about historic election. And we as a nation seem to have almost gone back to our previous mode. Sleep. It may be too soon to say that ‘I was wrong’ but signs of it are showing quite evidently thus far.

Moreover the nagging issues remain as mentioned. The power outs, politicking, terrorist attacks, sectarian attacks, protests, strikes etc etc. Realistically the power issue isn’t one which was ever going to be fixed over night. But then again a plan or concrete vision on how to go about tackling it doesn’t seem to have come about strongly enough. The politicking remains. And will remain ever so a part of the DNA make up and structure of all things Pakistan for some time to come. (and to a degree are part of most countries). The terrorist attacks continue and the one thing that I did have an issue with over the PTI is the way they would come off as Taliban Apologists more than anything else. They attacked innocents, they took responsibility for the attacks, they murdered people- there is no room for negotiations here. I think it is quite clear what has to be done. Condemn them in clear and strong words for what they are and take action against them. Same goes for the LeJ – the hate organization has restarted their attacks on the Hazara Shia community with the latest one being over the weekend in Quetta. The state must take action against them. They openly claim these attacks and nothing is done to haul them in. The MQM continues to bring Karachi to a complete stop as before. And now with London being extremely active over the Imran Farooqui murder case and Altaf Hussain’s residence being investigated by the Scotland Yard there seems to be some more days of strikes and more ahead.

The problem is … I could go on and on about all that is going on but that would just take up unnecessary space. Where is the change? There doesn’t seem to be any change coming from the government in the way things are being done or managed. It all seems a repackaged version of the same. And also the country, the nation, the people seem to be conveniently going back to sleep. And the prime minister. Mian saaaaab – kithay ho???


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