Of Death

Life is just a stage and we the actors playing are parts till the script demands our presence. And then when we are done we exit the stage.

Death is the most real and absolute reality of life. It is the final reality. Birth being the first. And these two being the only ones shared by all humans. It is our belief (Muslims) that the time and place of someone’s death is pre determined, it is of Allah’s will and no force can change that reality. It is inevitable. It is final. It is the interval between life and eternity.

It is a fact that we are all aware of that all must go one day. Yet when someone close goes it seems as if this information had eluded us all these years. To make us more human in dealing with a loved one’s or a close friend’s departurein the plethora of emotions that follow, perhaps the most frequent, most felt one is the ‘what if’. Because that’s when we tend to start asking what if we would have been a little earlier? What if I got another day with them? What if that wasn’t the last thing I had said? What if I could have just had the chance to tell them how I felt for them? What if? But of course these questions will never have answers and we have to deal with that and move on. We have to deal with the void created.

After all is done and dusted (the shock, the emotional overflow, the reminiscing etc) we just move on. We have to. It’s part of life. Those gone cannot be replaced but can’t be brought back either. That’s the way it is. It’s the deal that was given to our unconscious, unborn souls.

‘Indeed to Allah we belong and indeed to Him we will return’


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