The PTI “Tsunami”

There will always be a part of me that I think will remain an optimistic and idealist fool for Pakistan. There will always be some hope tucked away in some corner of a brighter and better future for this country and it’s people. Even though logically there doesn’t seem to be anything on paper to suggest it but still it will remain. And even thou over the last year or so I have seen that idealist or optimist in me go further into the background every now and then something will pull it back towards the front. Making my desire to stay here and get through this as a citizen (and hope to do my bit) stronger.


Today was one of those idealistic days. Fitting that it should have been on ‘Pakistan Day’. The PTI Jalsa for 23rd March was just what the doctor ordered. Imran Khan promised a massive turn out and he delivered. Rather the people delivered by clinging on to hope and coming out in support of PTI. The turnout truly was massive. There were men, women, boys, girls, children, elders, students, salaried individuals. Seemingly people from almost all walks of life. From what I saw on the news channels’ coverage of the rally I think a number of around 200K would be a safe estimate (Please correct me if I am wrong but it certainly felt like a 200k crowd). There was a sea of PTI and Pakistan Flags. I am pretty sure the turnout was bigger than the rally held back in October, 2011. And like that rally this one is full of promise and hope as well. The last one started a momentum that got fizzled out somewhere in between. But with a revival now in place, today’s rally has given PTI a huge boost and wonderful launching pad to take the momentum from today forward into the elections.

PTI Jalsa

The atmosphere today was electric at Minar-e-Pakistan. The excitement was not just buzzing there, not just buzzing in the news rooms but also within me. And undoubtedly in thousands of others watching the rally from there homes. For me it brought that hope, that optimist to life once more. It was almost like faith renewed. The forces of nature had come forth to paint the symbolic backdrop for Imran Khan and PTI’s Tsunami. “Tsunami aa nahi raha. Tsuanami aa chuka hay!” The cry that had gone out just as the rains started to lash. The strong winds fluttered those flags to absolute prominence. The man had delivered once more in the heart of the nation. And this time it was almost as if the entire universe was conspiring to join with him to make this moment, this day, a turning point.

Of course today hasn’t guaranteed anything. It hasn’t guaranteed a clean sweep for the PTI. It hasn’t guaranteed a change for Pakistan. But it has most definitely renewed all hope, at least in me, that change is coming. That the last 5 years of withstanding Zardari and company would not be in vain. That giving democracy an uninterrupted chance would pay off. It most certainly has reawakened that hope in me. The stage is set for PTI. The momentum has been regained. Let’s hope it is not lost again. Let’s hope it stays on course. And most importantly let’s hope that the universe continues to conspire with him.

There is a lot riding on PTI from this nation. To add to the rally the fact that the PTI did actually go ahead with their Intra Party elections is also something of great note. The fact that these were fairly contested is of greater note (Avab Alvi lost in the intra party elections – that has to be something to go by). I really do hope they can deliver. PTI is the only party that represents any sense of change or optimism for Pakistan. It is the only party that really has gotten the youth, the future of this nation energized. I hope that all that is pinned on PTI and on Imran Khan is not misplaced.

“Now in the end I want to congratulate you on the beginning of #NayaPakistan! . . . . . Ab Is Tsunami ko kio nahi Rook Sakta . . . . . Now I want you to sign up with Tabdeeli Razakar program so we can sweep elections in the coming weeks.” – Imran Khan concludes his speech as heavy rain pours down.

The crowd is chanting aik tsunami aik toofan, Imran Khan Imran Khan

 – From PTI’s Official Facebook Page

Pakistan Zindabad 



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