Rumor has it…

I got a forward message today about how there’s a Prado/SUV going around DHA targeting woman drivers who are driving alone at night or even families with girls in secluded areas. The women/girls are sexually assaulted/raped and then apparently the family is blackmailed with the video of the same.

This was forwarded to me by a friend who also received it from someone else. I saw this on facebook newsfeed as well. Now obviously I cannot confirm the source or say that I have heard this incident first hand. But the point is that unfortunately we are living in a situation within this city where such messages or rumors cannot be ignored. One has to be cautious in troubled times. Its not like there haven’t been rape incidents in this part of Karachi. There have been. Bodies have been found dumped before. It isn’t unheard of. So what confidence would one have to ignore such messages as pure rumors. They have to be taken and added to the list of things to be cautious about. Also we have seen this before near election times that there is a spike in reports/news of kidnappings, thefts, robberies, hold ups etc.

Some people may say that this is just spreading negativity and putting unnecessary fear into people’s hearts. Again, its not like these things are unheard of. And you simply have to be smart about these things and not be ‘brave’ out of stupidity. The objective is not to make people stay cooped in their houses out of fear. The objective is to be careful and precautious.

Avoid secluded routes unless absolutely necessary regardless of whether it is night or day.

Don’t travel alone at night, especially females, and women please this has nothing to do with Women’s Lib. Face facts, women have to be more careful as they are targeted for sexual harassment and abuse.

If you are leaving for the airport in the wee hours of the morning always take main and open roads where you can travel at a relatively good speed. And please don’t travel alone.

Avoid late night hangouts at open places in somewhat shady or secluded areas like chai dhabbas.

Always make sure you carry your phone with you so that you can stay in touch with your family – remember in the event or scenario of a crisis situation if you have people at home they will feel stressed and fear the worst if they can’t contact you to ensure that you are safe and sound.

Carry some money always. Robbers and thieves aren’t always from the professional lot and some are doing it out of desperation and can lose it if they don’t get anything out of their effort. Do not retaliate or try to be a hero – your phone or money is not worth more than your life.

Remember guys there actually are some people out there who have absolute disregard for others lives and feel like they can get away with anything. We cannot change them so please don’t try to be brave or stupid about these things. Rumors are there yes, but in these times it is always better to be safe then sorry.

And no I don’t think that this is an acceptable aspect of life. We should always demand a better situation in terms of safety and security and this is the duty of the State.    


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