And The Attacks Pile On…

More than 50 people killed, scores injured, 200 apartments destroyed, 150 shops flattened, burial ceremony of people killed in blast also saw some cross fire. The abbas town blast in Karachi is in addition to almost 200 people killed in 2 blasts in Quetta in the previous 2 months. All targeting the Shia community. There have been dharnas. Everyone knows who is behind these attacks because the barbarians responsible for these inhuman acts have oh so proudly claimed responsibility. Their leader has been arrested. But that’s it. What more has been done? What has the state done to address the concerns of the Shia community?

This is an extremely sensitive time for people across the country. As it is we have constantly seen terrorism and such attacks gaining momentum over the last 12 years. Target killings, suicide bombings, base attacks etc etc. But this year, with the 3rd month just starting and already the death toll from targeted bombings of the Shia community has reached 250 people. This is in addition to other target killings and terrorist attacks.

What exactly is the state doing ? People were already expecting the period between the elections to be bad. But this is becoming an extremely sensitive situation because just one community is seemingly being targeted. And what is more is that the state is seemingly incapable of taking action against those responsible. As I am writing this blog I can see news clips of Rehman Malik talking to the media about how there is information of Karachi being pulled into a war zone. And that he had stated before hand that there will be targeted bombings and massacres in Quetta and Karachi. My QUESTION TO THE ESTEEMED MR. REHMAN MALIK: WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING? You are the bloody interior minister. There is absolutely no justification nor any reprise in saying that I had said that these would happen. Why the hell was action not taken to stop these? If there was information from the intelligent services or various intelligent agencies in the country about attacks then why was that information not acted upon?

If there was information and still these attacks were not prevented then the state has failed. If the perpetrators are known and still no effective action is taken against them then the state has failed. If the citizens of this nation continue to live in fear over safety and security of their day to day lives then the state has failed. Failing to realize the sensitivity of a situation where a community’s residential hub has been bombed and the leaders enjoying parties instead of taking notice of the incident then the state has failed. The state has failed the people. The state has failed the nation. The establishment has failed to give confidence that there is any control left. What is the motive here? To delay the elections? Maybe. Who knows. I don’t care. All I care about is answers as to why these attacks are never prevented.

And the esteemed Mr. Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Choudhry. If you could please use your judicial powers and instinctive nature to come down hard on those responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the people of this country in the same manner that you made the life of the government miserable over the Swiss letter than that would really be appreciated.

Things are just heading towards a boiling point. Even the most ardent patriots or people who want to stay on this country have long been having second thoughts as to whether their ‘loyalty’ to their country by staying on is not misguided. That maybe they should get out before it is too late. I can’t blame them. I have long held the view that I want to stay here and contribute in whatever way I can. I can’t be so sure of my resolve maybe a year down the road anymore.

Things are bad. They are about to get worst (or so said the Interior minister).

If anyone has seen the movie Blood Diamond then they would be able to identify the term TIA from that movie. ‘This Is Africa’. A term which was used in the movie a couple of times in reference to the relentless unrest and constant chaos, war, bloodshed in Africa. The movie also had a dialogue that said ‘Sometimes I wonder if God would ever forgive us for all the things that we have done to each other. Then I take a look around and I figure God left this place a long time back’. Just saying.



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