Of Test Cricket & Smith’s 100

Cricket has over the past 7-8 years seen a move towards making more exciting formats and attracting a wider audience with a fast paced result oriented encounter. Smash and bash has been the tone and the T20 format has been established as the third format here to stay. Domestic leagues are getting more importance and wider coverage through this short and excitement based format, the T20 World Cup is far more important than the ICC Champions Trophy – or so the perception is. Bowlers and batsmen alike are getting more and more tuned to the shorter format of the game especially in the subcontinent. The Indian Premier League and now in the last year the addition of the Sri Lankan Premier League and Bangladesh premier league are giving more credence to Club Cricket.

However perhaps because Cricket has since its inception been so much more of a international sport in the sense that if compared to Football (Soccer) club cricket has been and still is less important than international cricket that I haven’t really taken to following club or domestic cricket as much. No matter how exciting it seems to have been made. The calendar has national duties has filled up and the domestic level is confined to proving your worth enough to be included in the national squad.

Also for me Test Cricket still remains the holy grail of cricketing. It is the original gentleman’s game. The superb draw of tactics, strategy, endurance and moments of brilliance is what makes Test cricket for me ultimate. Bring on two good test playing nations packed with lots of skilled and talented players and you are in for a great series. I am not saying that ODI and T20 internationals do not excite me.. but they cannot take away what test cricket has to offer. I loved the Pak India series (of course that is also because we won) but the intensity of the clash was brilliant. If only the tour would have had a test leg to!

I am really looking forward to Pakistan’s full tour of SA (Starting with the first test today). 3 Tests, 2 T20s and 5 ODIs. Great tour for us and against great opposition.

What I am loving most is seeing our team battle with South Africans in the test format ( the first day so far has been classic test match cricket ).

Also something of note: Graeme Smith has today led the South African side for the 100th time in test matches. The mere fact that he has played more than a 100 tests alone is a great achievement but to become the only captain test history to lead a side for the 100th side is fantastic. And they have been the number 1 test side on a few occasions under his lead and are currently the top side too. The guy has been a fantastic leader, taking it on almost as soon as he entered the international cricketing arena ( I think he took over in his 8th or 7th test) and at the young age of 23ish. Fantastic. Kudos to Smith on this great achievement.

Looking forward to a good tour for Pakistan Smile


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  1. I couldn’t agree more – Test cricket is the pinnacle of the game. The South Africa v Pakistan series looks set to be a close fought affair (especially after a tight first day today) and I’m looking forward to seeing some of Pakistan’s new faces – especially Jamshed and Junaid – showing us what they can do in Test cricket in conditions that will challenge the batsmen and aid seam bowling.

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