Fictional Check

Whenever we read something fictional or watch something fictional we often tend to just skip over the characters on how they came to be who they are at that point in time. Or even if you take stuff where character development is irrelevant like the daily comics. Strips like dilbert or peanuts or big nate are good examples of what I am getting at. People who write these characters in all probability take some sort of inspiration from their daily lives. Maybe it is themselves or someone in their life who is being portrayed as Dr. Cox from scrubs or Wooster from Jeeves and Wooster (PG Wodehouse book series). Or the dilbert strip today is something exactly like a situation at your own work place and catbert really is that stupid annoying ass of an HR manager who is supposedly looking after your career path!

The point is that I have started to realise that fiction isn’t always down to pure imagination or creativity. There is some sort of inspiration that comes from our daily lives as well. An aggravating situation can be food for a hilarious comedy strip or skit or play. Similarly it can also be an inspirational story if the real life situation is such. I am not saying that all fiction out there relates to real life. Most of it perhaps. Or most parts of it. I mean like I am maybe 89% sure there isn’t a galaxy far far away which has an ongoing battle between jedis and the empire.

But I am almost 99% sure that Ted Mosby (how I met your mother) represents someone who is like that in real life. A hopeless romantic looking to find a companion and be settled in life. There is in all probability someone like Alan Shore who can be uncouth and treats women like objects. This doesn’t of course get limited to western fiction. I am sure I have bumped into Fawad Khan’s character type when I was in college from the drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

Methinks if I could harness the focus and get the right combination of wit, fantasy and legal cover then I could probably write pretty good fiction too. It will turn out to be a sarcastic laugh at myself but might be good. And I will most importantly need legal cover. And health insurance.

I wonder if the guys already doing this stuff got the above i.e. legal cover and health insurance.


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