21st December, 2012–The end or not the end…

So December 21st, 2012 is like 2 days away. What if the mayan calendar count predictions are true? What if there is a planet Nibirui or the mysterious planet X on its way to collide with Earth? What if the sun’s solar flares do affect our entire system and we are not able to survive that? What if all of that is bullshit but the world still ends because Allah intended for it to?

So yes the conspiracy theories and all are there. There are people who have bought into the whole December 21st panic and investing in I don’t know Armageddon survival kits and safety underground bunkers. But you know even with if all those conspiracy theories are bullshit the world could still end on the 21st. Or on the 22nd or on the 20th or on the 25th etc etc etc. This year, next year, 50 years later. Don’t know. And that’s my contention with the people buying into this stuff. How can we possibly predict or know about something which is well beyond our realm of knowledge. Which is something only the creator knows. For it is Allah who created this world and He who will end it. That is our belief yes? Even if in Christianity the belief is there in the Creator and there being a day of Judgment. But that day, whenever it is to be is beyond our realm of knowledge. We do not know. And we cannot know. And if this simple reasoning isn’t enough for you then please check out the following link. I am really glad that someone wrote on this and has given logic and facts to dispute all the conspiracy theories. Something more digestible for those of feeble belief in keeping it simple!


Now I don’t know when the world will end and I never will have future knowledge of something like this ever. If it comes to be during my lifetime then I will know when it comes. Before that .. I won’t.

However if let’s for a moment believe that we have undeniable proof and knowledge that the world would end at a certain time and in fact let’s say in like 2 days time – how would you want to spend it?

Here’s a thought: we all tend to start making lists of things, extraordinary things that we want to do before we die. Sort of like an emergency bucket list. Things like bungee jumping or sky diving start featuring in the list. I mean that’s all great and yes it will be a great thrill to go through all of that. But I guess it will be different for everyone. How about we make a list of the top 10 things we want to do before we die keeping the 21st in our heads and work on them in any case after realizing that we have managed to reach the 22nd of December still pretty much on Earth.

For me I am guessing there might be a couple of experiences that I would like to get before I die… but if I knew if I was going to die then most of all I would want to spend time , as much time as possible with my loved ones.


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