Off Line

I have been avoiding writing on the wonderful, brilliant and nice people who are entrusted with running the state of affairs of this country for some time. But I feel I have avoided it long enough and sitting in the 2nd day of a communication lock down I can’t help but write a piece on this.

This new trend of the past few months of putting a ban on Mobile phones by the esteemed Minister of Interior Mr. Rehman Malik is catching on fast for religious and other ‘sensitive’ holidays. There is a for and against argument in this and I am against it. The ones for it say that it creates a deterrence for the terrorists to plan and execute attacks. That it creates a lot of problems for them to coordinate and communicate. At the same time causing citizens problems as well to communicate and stay in touch with there loved ones. At times causing panic and unnecessary tension. I have a serious issue with this being the best possible method of ‘ensuring the best possible security situation’ in the country on sensitive days. It is a testament of our Intelligence services’ inability to perform their duty efficiently. I refuse to believe this. And then the extreme cynic’s view is that Rehman baba and company are just twisting the Telcos arms to get lots and lots of more monies to add to the already existing and swelled up piggy banks of theirs.

Whatever the reason I just don’t think that shutting down communication services and making everyone cut off from the rest of the world outside their homes is the answer. It might be a deterrent and it might be working on some level but I think at the end of the day it will remain a stop gap measure and not the final solution to the problem.

Coming specifically to Moharram, there are some people of the view that the Shia sect should avoid taking out their processions given the safety and security situation that always arises. Which they back up with a history of incidents on 9th and 10th Moharram. I think that is again not a fair or realistic answer. One of the foremost principles of our religion is to be tolerant towards people and other religions or faiths or beliefs. Yes I agree that processions should not be taken out on main roads and perhaps an area or something should be made for this but certainly expecting an entire sect not to follow their religious belief patterns is unfair.

Anyways my sincere hope is that 9th and 10th Moharram passes peacefully and without incident.


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