Kudos KESC

So the weekend so bad days in service for the KESC with power outages due to technical difficulties keeping almost 80% of Karachi in the dark. That lasted about 14-17 hours with power gradually restored to certain parts. The evening saw further problems with some parts of DHA / Clifton again facing light issues with the electricity coming and going at short intervals. This was further followed by the lights going around 3 A.M. the next day. Sounds pretty frustrating yea? I mean come on over a 3rd of the weekend was spent cursing the KESC.


There was a flurry of tweets and facebook statuses dedicated to the utility company for the ‘torture’ that they had to endure because of their much up.

My issue with this entire thing is simple: yes they had a bad weekend. Yes there are areas which still need improvement. But given the strides that they have taken over the last 2 years in their policies (like focusing the power cuts towards the ‘bad customers’ with billing issues and power theft) I am not so keen to crucify them. Even during the problems they made sure that they were responsive to the customers. They had their teams out on the job to fix the problem and these teams were at it for the entire night the first day. Their social media/PR/marketing team was on twitter to ensure that the more tech savvy consumers were kept up to date with the progress or that their queries were responded to. Their customer service department was online, answering the calls and not giving ridiculously blood boiling and excruciating reasons (something that would have been unheard of 2 years back). Hell 3 years back I remember not even being able to connect to log in a complaint. They have improved their billing systems, softwares have been incorporated for the complaints, IVR service, billing etc. I think they have done incredibly well to improve as a utility service provider over the last couple of years and for that kudos to them.


Look the simplest way to see this is the fact that Punjab is going through massive electricity problems where there are power outages for almost up to 16 hours a day. Karachi is fairing far far better than this. Yes some areas in Karachi are also facing problems but that is down to KESC’s strict policies to ensure that their good customers are rewarded with uninterrupted supply rather than those areas with major billing problem customers and power thefts.

Yes improvements need to be made towards the technical side in terms of the machinery, wiring, cables or whatever hardware it is that goes into this. But you can’t just throw their achievements out the window over one bad weekend.

So instead of being quick to complain and cry out ‘torture’ and bloody murder, let’s be patient and get through these little stuff ups with a smile. Cheers!


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