Of Purpose

We all need to have some sort of purpose in our minds for our lives. Without having an aim, goal or purpose we have more or less resigned ourselves to simply drifting through this life without actually acknowledging it or experiencing it. Or as put in a way more often then any other way – without living life. Purpose gives birth to passion. Passion gives birth to character and personality. Those give birth to an identity. And that in turn for some people gives birth to a legacy. A story by which one can be remembered. I refuse to believe that lives and entities are without purpose for anyone. We weren’t put on this great green earth without having any purpose, any reason.

You are not the momentary whim of a careless creator experimenting in the laboratory of life. . . You were made with a purpose.
– Og Mandino in “The Greatest Miracle in the World”

Having said that no one is born with a sealed envelope which will define their purpose to them. No set plan or goal or purpose pre-set by heaven. Finding purpose is part and parcel of living life. It is a journey. It is evolutionary. It develops with time. We all need to explore and live our lives before we can actually understand and discover our own personal / individual purpose.

Resigning oneself to a non-caring and drifter sort of mentality is criminal and injustice to ourselves as entities and creations to be put on this green earth. I have often said that everyone is different and everyone has their own dreams, their own passions and their own drives. I still stick by that. Yes everyone is different and therefore has a different set of likes, drives and passions and hence a different purpose. But we must all have them. For without purpose… there is nothing.


I think I have quoted this dialogue from the Matrix before as well but well it seems fitting for this post as well:

…as we both know, without purpose we would not exist. It is purpose that created us. Purpose that connects us. Purpose that pulls us. That guides us. That drives us. It is purpose that defines us. Purpose that binds us.
                   – Agent Smith, The Matrix Reoloaded

So we must always have in us the inclination to keep discovering and realizing our purpose. It is very important for all things concerned in our life. Understanding that will help us on our journey of life. It will help us find our passion. Our drive. Help us in understanding who we are as people and what we want (most important part this) out of life. What we want to do in life. We can only make decisions – especially the major and important ones – if we know exactly what we want out of our life. And we don’t let the heat and excitement of the moment cloud our judgment to make that decision without weighing the important things. Without answering the important questions. Does this decision fall in line with who I am as a person? Does this decision affect my ability to go after my passions and dreams? Is this decision really what I want? Because if you don’t answer these questions properly and while understanding your own self then …well … there are bound to be question marks always in your mind.



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