Useless Rambling…

The plan… everyone likes hearing what the plan is. If you tell people that there is a plan and things are going according to plan then nobody panics. Nobody senses any sort of chaos seeping in around them. Their life situations as they can experience it at that point in time is perfectly planned. So as long as anything is done as per plan no matter how hideous it was .. then nobody gets jostled or has their roots shaken. Now do something that wasn’t part of the plan.. that’s where you have people’s rationalities on the run. People don’t like unplanned anarchy or chaos suddenly being presented to them. It wasn’t heard of … there was no warning … it is absolutely pissing off really because nobody cared to tell them that this is event ‘x’ which will happen at time ‘y’ regardless of the fact that event ‘x’ wasn’t even half as bad or horrible as planned event ‘z’.

Thoughts are just rambling actually. Speaking , blabbering and not making any sense to anyone who might be reading. The problem is that when you plan something .. you invest yourself into it from various aspects i.e. emotionally, physically and resourcefully … then it is absolutely pissing off when something happens or somebody comes along to throw a monkey wrench into the works. See because once that happens then really anarchy and chaos does start seeping into your system and life. And then when these elements start to drag on and on .. oh lord … that’s like a mini little tipping point right there. And you know what is more worse.. the perpetuators don’t even care … or well it seems like that they don’t care. And that my friend is a very dangerous road to be put on. Extremely tragic and dangerous road.

People want peace and happiness in their lives above anything else. If someone tries to tell you otherwise please go right ahead and bop them on from my side. 


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