Forward to 10 people or …. what ?

You get these texts on SMS… or well used to. Now the social media channels are the more preferred mode for spreading the ‘cursed’ forwards. You know the ones that require a very well tried, thought of methodology of forwarding the same message to at least 10,15 or 30 people within the next 5,7 or 10 minutes. And the blessed reward of the cursed forwards? It varies in range from cheating death to gaining untold riches or having your utmost desires fulfilled (even though there was no mention of a genie escaping from the message but apparently that’s one of the things … you know … 3 wishes).

These texts and messages are so annoying it is not even funny. And every now and then these would include religion in the content. That’s just crossing the line really if you ask me. You can spread duas or verses or messages of the religion just like that but to add the stipulation of forwarding it to X number of people or offending Allah is just crossing the line.

Then are those challenging kind … ‘ If you had a mother who was praise praise praise praise .. .forward it to 10 people in the next 2 minutes’. I mean what the hell? What if I don’t forward  the stupid message that means my mother wasn’t all of that?! Annoying. And what bothers me more is that it’s not just the teeny boppers or the younger lot doing it. It’s adults too. And I mean seriously that is just downright disappointing and I am sorry but if you fit in the above description I will judge you.

The hilarity in questionable intellect of the people forwarding these messages is little compensation. I came across this picture on Facebook in the morning and I think it captures my sentiments towards this entire thing quite perfectly really.



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