The Comfort Food Concept

Comfort Food. I am sure most of us have come across the concept of comfort food before and have had moments in our life where we needed the consumption of the same. I think comfort food isn’t necessarily ‘food’ in the literal sense for everyone. I feel every individual has their own channel or source for comfort food. And well even if it is food .. then it’s different for everyone. The most common edible that I have observed which is used as ‘comfort food’ is ice cream. Has a nostalgic appeal to it taking you back to when you were a kid and dollops of ice cream were a huge happy moment. I think the ice cream helps jog up the memory of a time when things were simpler. When we were kids, feelings were not complicated and expectations in life were really very basic.

Comfort food is food prepared traditionally, that may have a nostalgic or sentimental appeal. Comfort foods may be consumed to positively pique emotions, to relieve negative psychological affects or to increase positive feelings. Comfort food consumption has been seen as a response to emotional stress.
                                                                          – Souce: Wikipedia

The purpose of comfort therefore is to make one forget the ordeal or stress or drama that one is going through or in some cases to ease the pain of heartache or tragedy in life. But it doesn’t really help address the issue. Just makes you forget about it during the whole comfort zone so to speak.

In my case I would I don’t really have a comfort food as such. Comfort food for me is doing marathon runs of watching the wonderful Sitcoms of old – well not so old that they fall into the category of classics but they did finish off like 9-10 years back. I refer to my favorites such as ‘Friends’ or ‘Fraiser’. For me watching episodes of these shows just helps in taking my mind of anything and everything going in life. I can just sit and watch episode after episode and forget everything. Laughter and in the end positive boost emotions. But again it doesn’t help address the issue. It gives temporary relief. But nothing permanent.

Still even thou it is just a temporary relief I guess it is still important to have comfort food or well whatever one’s version of comfort food might be. Helps keep things sane or in control ..or well a little dose of calm. 

I have actually stumbled upon books dedicated to Comfort Food Recipes while browsing online. There are even restaurants which offer comfort sections on their menus. So comfort food is now an established commercially viable category of food. Fantastic.


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