Show me a dream , so that I might live for years on
Cant live without one, I will be dead before i am gone

These dreams are mine, my only salvation for a better life
These dreams are there, for us to revolve our life

Its only when I sleep, that I see you in my dreams
I see you so strong, my reflection in a mirror of streams

Don’t know where to go, don’t know where it all ends
A journey so long, one I’ll take till my end

I don’t think i would understand, cause no one understands
My fate written before, my fate for where I will stand

All I have is dreams, to take me away from this
From reality for once, for a moment of bliss

And now you have become a part of me, my illusions  
And I cant separate myself from what I vision

If I could , yes i would surrender these long days 
And fall forever into the night and set myself away

Sometimes everything seems so real inside yet fake
That inside you tell yourself that you are wide awake

If I could, I would surrender myself to my starvation
And follow it to my path of self proclaimed salvation

But for now I rest, with only a dream in my head
For now we let go, to long for the night in my head


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