The Dramedy That Is Pakistani Politics

I saw the news yesterday that the LHC has asked the President to resign from his PPP Co-Chairperson office before September and honestly I haven’t been able to stop laughing at the sheer mockery of this. It is now almost 4 years that Zardari has been the President, so why now? One cannot help but wonder whether this is all part of the grand strategy to make PPP political victims yet again. I mean with Raja Rental as the PM and Zardari being ordered by the Judiciary to quit the PPP Co-Chairperson post, this does seem a little ….well … a little too close to the finish line.

It has always been my opinion that the moment you throw out a democratically elected government … then all it’s flaws and shortcomings and well corruptions and kickbacks will easily be forgotten by their vaining support simply because they would have played the Political Victim card. A card which has always served the PPP well given the unfortunate history of the Bhuttos. So yes this LHC ruling coming in the 4th year of the president’s tenur is not that simple to digest. Now that 4 years of plunder, looting and corruption have passed what is the point of pressurizing him on a point which isn’t something that has just happened. It’s not like he has just popped as the Co-Chairperson. He has always been the Co-Chairperson and if this was an issue then it should have been pointed out and ruled upon within the first 3-4 months of his rule.

But honestly it’s not just the PPP. It’s all these parties. MQM, PML-N, PML-Q etc. And then comes the same old suggestion from somewhere regarding PTI and Immy K. I have said this in my previous blog and I will repeat this over here: Yes I will vote for PTI but more so because I have no other sane choice. The rest are tried, tested and failed. It is now upto us to give the only other party left i.e. PTI a chance. A chance which they will have to prove themselves by. Right now PTI isn’t a choice. It is the only possible thing that can be done. So here’s to hoping that miracles happen and the next general elections are won by Imran Khan and his ‘Tsunami’.

Coming back to the new premier, there was some news about this yesterday or day before regarding a HeliPad construction being considered for the private residence of Raja Pervaiz in Gujrat. And ther reason? The Premier will mostly like to spend the weekends in his own private resdence and to at the same time not create hassle for the police so therefore the solution is to spend lavishly on helipads and what not instead of just staying put in Islamabad. The country has poverty and economic crunch issues and our leaders are busy in building helipads and fortress type protection for their private residences (please see Bilawal House, Karachi).

We have messiahs with no plans, messiahs in London, messiahs in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad. Our political landscape and scope is a mixture of laughter and dramatic sadness.


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