The Not So Curious Choice of Raja Rental

Is it really so surprising that our new Prime Minister is Raja Rental? I mean the emotional reactions to this being sadness, frustration and anger are expected and any one who wants the good of this country will feel them. But surprise? Why the surprise? As a friend put it “Who were you expecting? The Dalai Lama??” So of course it had to be Raja Pervez Ashraf or Kaira Makhdoom Shahabuddin. The latter of course was removed as the front runner for the PM’s post because of his involvement in the ‘Ephedrine’ case.

Why should we be shocked at the choice? There shouldn’t be any curiosity or surprise at all. Given our political history and landscape we should now come to expect things from the current big players of Pakistani Politics. Of course it was going to be someone like him. Because if we expected anything better then we really wouldn’t be in the kind of situation we are in right now. There wouldn’t have been severe energy problems in the country. The inflation wouldn’t have been out of control. The economic disparity wouldn’t have been increasing on all fronts. Corruption and kickbacks wouldn’t be rampant and there certainly wouldn’t have been this amount of chess like tussle between the various institutions of this country.

The most sad part in all of this is the ‘candidates’ we had for the PM’s post. Raja Rental, Makhdoom Shahabuddin, Fazl ur Rehman etc. Not one of them can elicit a single second of respect from me. We live in a political scenario where we lack choice. Yes PTI is there for the next elections to vote for but that’s simply because I have no choice. Who else can I vote for? PML-N? PPP? MQM? None. PTI is currently the answer to a lack of choice. Nothing more till they have proven themselves if given the chance.

Coming back to our new prime minister. Raja Pervez of course gets the ‘Rental’ nick because of the fascinating and astounding job he has done as the Minister for Power and Water. Punjab is facing a severe energy crisis. The promises of ‘Loadshedding to end from next year’ were never delivered. The energy solutions involving rental power projects are nothing more than a farce. He has been accused of getting kickbacks for such projects which are more costly and not nearly enough to provide a long term solution to the country’s growing energy demands. Forget the growing bit also , not even the current energy demands. So what should we hope to expect from our new PM given such a background? Rental economic projects? Do we really expect the remaining 9 months for the current government before scheduled elections to be stable and controversy free? Progressive? Nope. We have Raja Rental coming in and we are not sure whether he will be able to last out till March next year. We aren’t sure if this government will be allowed to complete it’s 5 year tenure and that the democratic process will flow. Curiosity of the skeptical kind is what we are in for. The kind where we wish this curiosity wasn’t there and didn’t exist.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf as the new Prime Minister is I am not a confidence boosting choice for the people of this nation. But at the end of the day these guys won the elections and were voted into power by the nation.


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