Finding Belief and Inner Peace

People often find themselves in the quest to find that one secret ingredient that will change them into who they are destined to be. They are often in the search for the missing element of their personality or lives which once found will fulfill their own personal prophecies. Release them on the roads to greatness and meeting their destiny.

One may get lost or stay so engrossed in this search that they forget what really matters for this quest to greatness or to finding themselves. The combination of belief and inner peace. One must believe in themselves and have inner peace with who they are and not just keep searching for something that is eternally missing. Nothing is missing. We just have to revisit our faith within ourselves and when we do that we achieve inner peace with who we are and are completely at ease with meeting our destiny whatever it may be. We are then armed to fulfilling whatever it is that our lives are destined to be. But the thing is we can’t know that because it is the future. That is something that we just have to wait for and let it come as the road takes us there. Let the road progress on its own and let us discover things as and when they happen. Let destiny come when it is supposed and in whatever form it may be.

I was watching ‘Kung Fu Panda’ yesterday (Don’t judge, it is an awesome film and you know it. it is about a legendary warrior doing legendary things so therefore it is legendary. Jack Black rules). In the end after all the grueling training and learning that Po goes through to ‘fulfill’ the destiny of becoming the dragon warrior he realizes and learns it is still not enough. The secret is that there is no secret ingredient. No secret gift. It is all about believing in yourself and finding inner peace.

So let’s all learn from the movie, let loose the panda inside all of us and believe.


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