Humans have this amazing capacity to be selfish. Everything we do is rooted in what we want for ourselves. Even the most noblest of deeds or acts of valor will somehow and someway be rooted in some selfish desire or the the other. But that doesn’t mean that the selfless deed is any less noble. Some of the selfish roots in humans stem from very basic human needs. For example… I want to be a good person. Hence I will do deeds that will make me a good person. Those deeds might be selfless at times (or at least on the face of it) however the stem from my need to be a good person. Hence selfish motivation. There does not exist a single selfless deed. (Before any of you embark on a journey to prove me wrong let stop you right there …. because the moment you take that journey is the moment you announce to the world that I was right. How? well quite simply put the selfish component in that case would be the need for you to prove me wrong Smile with tongue out). Anyway.. point is that everything we do is selfish and humans have an unbelievable capacity to be just that.

Now I think that there is good selfish and then there is bad selfish. Or rather let’s just say rational selfishness and illogical and unfair selfishness. The latter is something that I have come across a lot from time to time. Especially when it comes to you yourself wanting to do something but expecting your significant other not to. Like for example .. its ok for you to have a boys night out but if your sweetheart has a ‘girls night’ then it isn’t something that you are comfortable with. Wrong. Unfair and illogical. You want to continue being friends with your ex but your significant other can’t. Why? Because you wouldn’t be comfortable with that however the fact that he/she is just means that they are mature and it doesn’t mean you have to stop being friends with your ex as well. And then of course that classic example that we all must have witnessed from our school days – the position hog. We all had this one kid in our class .. ( and when I say we.. I mean all of us from our own separate experiences)… who would be the one obsessed with getting the first position at whatever the cost. So selfish would they be that they will rig the competition’s work and show up in class the next day with an apple or basket of cookies for the teacher.

When it really comes down to it. When all the chips are stacked and the stakes are high, humans will stop thinking about anyone else around them and only think of what is best for them and their interests no matter how petty those interests might be and how insignificant they might be in the grander scheme of things. They tend to forget that they are after all humans and while there exists the weakness of temptations in humans there also exists the strength of being ‘human’.

Anyway… I don’t know what the purpose of this particular entry was or where the inspiration to write this came about from but that’s all I have. And that is the case with most of the posts on this so yea …. this should be pretty normal. 


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