Match Day 38: A befitting end to a brilliant Premier League Season

And so we arrive on the final match day of the 2011-12 Season with lots of drama potentially in the making. There is lots to play for and lots to be decided. What a fitting end to what has been by far one of the best seasons over the last few years. Apart from the relegation of Wolves and Blackburn, the rest will unfold today. We have a title race, champions league spots, Europa spots and the final relegation spot all going down to the wire.


The two Manchester clubs face off for the title with City looking to win it for the first time in 44 years. Also if they win it will be the first time the title has been won by a team other than Man United, Chelsea or Arsenal since Blackburn lifted the crown in 96. In fact City would be the 5th team to win the top flight of England since it was changed to the ‘Premier League’.


United look to add to their tally of league titles to make it 20 and nothing would please Sir Alex more than to steal the show on the last day from the blue half of Manchester. Albeit it is not entirely in United’s hand. Both teams are equal on points but the blue half has a better goal difference. So as Fergie put it himself United are hoping for something ‘stupid’ by the blue half to hand them the title.


Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle are in the battle for Europe’s elite tournament next season. Arsenal play West Brom, Spurs face off Fulham and the Magpies against Everton. Even thou Chelsea are out of this particular battle through the league thanks to their heavy defeat against Liverpool they still have a role to play. In the Champions League final against Bayern Munich this season if they win then they get a chance to play in the Champs League next season. Now this is how it goes: top 3 places in the league get automatic qualification for the Champions League group stages. 4th Place gets a chance to play in the qualification matches for the tournament. 5th place is Europa League. Currently Arsenal are 3rd, Tottenham 4th and Newcastle 5th with a difference of 2 points between them. If Chelsea win the Champions league then the 4th place team goes to Europa and not the Champions League.

For Arsenal it is incredibly important that they secure a place with Europe’s finest next season. They risk losing the services of talismanic skipper Robin Van Persie who has had an outstanding season. 30 League goals, led from the front and right up there with the assists as well. His contributions have made up for almost 40% of Arsenal’s goals this season and the risk of losing him will prove to be extremely costly next year. Besides, Wilshere made a bet with I think Bale or Lennon or one of the Spurs players about Arsenal finishing below spurs. We simply cannot let that happen now can we.


Spurs it would often seem are more inclined to upstage Arsenal then anything else. They have unfortunately been down this road once before when on the final day they lost and surrendered the final place in the champions league. It was a case of some virus then which had half the spurs squad playing below 100% fitness. They would like to ensure that doesn’t happen this time around.

Magpies have the most challenging match of the 3 teams. Their trip to Everton will hardly be easy. Even thou all Everton will be playing for is a chance to finish the season better then their derby rivals (Liverpool), it should be a difficult game for Newcastle. At home only Manchester City have conceded fewer goals then Everton.


Last but not least let’s come to the relegation battle. The face off for survival in England’s top flight. Blackburn and Wolves are already gone. Queens Park Rangers, Bolton and Aston Villa will be looking to avoid the last spot. Villa are more or less safe thou – mathematically speaking they could still go down but realistically it isn’t happening. They are 3 points ahead of Bolton and 1 point ahead of QPR. Their goal difference is –14 to QPR’s –22 and Bolton’s –31. So even if they do lose to Norwich, it will have to be a record breaking goal fest of a defeat for Aston Villa to be in danger. So practically it is a straight shooter between QPR and Bolton for the final survival. QPR face the daunting task of facing City at home and making themselves and Sir Alex the happiest people of the day. I don’t see it happening but then again the pressure of the final day could still get to Mancini’s side and the possibility of twists and turns isn’t that far fetched. Bolton play Stoke at home. If they lose that means they will be out of the Premier League for the first time since 2002. Also it will mean that for the first time since 2002 that all 3 promoted clubs will stay on in the premier league for next season. In that year it was Bolton, Fulham and Blackburn.

So that’s in store for the final match day of the season. What a befitting end it is. 6 important matches. There is bound to be drama. There are bound to be emotions. Tempers will rise. Heated words will be exchanged. The refs will be under the micro-est of microscopes. Plenty of goals or wall defense. I can’t hardly wait. Almost wishing all 6 matches were being broadcast here and I had 6 televisions!

My predictions:

Manchester City vs QPR 2-1

Manchester United vs Sunderland 3-1

Arsenal vs West Brom 1-0

Tottenham vs Fulham 2-0

Newcastle vs Everton 1-1

Bolton vs Stoke 2-2

So yes …. I think and hope that City win the title. A) because I am a gunner and hate United B) Because it will be good for the game to have a new league winner C) because I don’t like United.

Arsenal will be 3rd as per my prediction not only because I am a gunner but also because I do feel they will have more hunger in a game which means nothing to West Brom other then the last day of the season.

A Super Sunday awaits us Open-mouthed smile!



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