Of Passions…

As per Wikipedia :Passion (from the Ancient Greek verb πάσχω (paskho) meaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

So passion is that strong emotion or feeling that a person has and one in which nothing could possibly deter them. Perhaps not even reason. It is something that makes one believe completely in without doubt. Passion can be as mentioned above towards a thing, an activity, an entity or a person. It is something that makes you feel confident and sure about what you are doing or saying. You believe in it entirely.

Now here’s the thing. Every individual is different from every other individual. Yes there might be a few individuals who are like maybe 95% the same in terms of their likes, personality, feelings, emotional capabilities, talent, skill, etc. However they are still always going to be different from one another and hence they are known as individuals. My point is that because everyone is different and unique in their own right therefore it is also reasonable to assume that passions would be different from person to person. Their expression for their passion would be different from person to person. The degree of passion would vary variously regarding things, activities, entities or a person. One individual may have one or more passions. And if they have more than one passion then the degree to which they are passionate about those things would be different as well. For example a person might be passionate about football and let’s say cars. Their passion for football would be to the extent of following each game of their favorite club while their passion for cars might be much greater like to the extent of having a model car collection, posters and well basically their room might look like a temple for car worship.

So I have established that the degrees of passion will vary from person to person and between subjects of passion also for the same individual. Let’s now come to another point regarding passion. Two things here A) Each individual has their own passion. It might not be a run of the mill thing that they are passionate about and at the same time not something that would be obvious to the world. B) Not everyone’s passion regarding something can be seen. And to tell you the truth people aren’t passionate about something to show and tell the world. They are passionate about something because that’s how it makes them feel. And as long as they are happy and can feel it then no one can really deny the fact that they are passionate about it. One might never know what Tom, Dick or Harry are passionate about until up the time that they ask them.

My point is that passion or being passionate about something isn’t like a measured science. It doesn’t have rules. There are no guidelines. Some people are passionate about very obvious to the world, in your face type of stuff like acting or singing. Some people are passionate about writing or blogging. Some people are passionate about cars while others are passionate about geekdom (marvel/DC comics, shows etc). There is no way to define how it should be. There is no one way of being passionate about something. Everyone has their own passions, their own way of approaching the object/thing/entity/activity of their passion and their own way of expressing it. Also a point to note is that not everyone will understand your passion or maybe even think it can qualify as a passion.

It is good to be passionate in life about something. There has to be something or the other that everyone should feel very strongly about. I love writing. I love going to the beach. I finally love the work I am doing. I love sports (playing and watching) especially football and cricket. My degree of passion for each of the above mentioned varies. Writing is something that is the highest up the order. I love writing the most. It is for me the best way to just express my brain and mind. And especially through blogging because I can write whatever I want without rules or deadlines and when it flows out from me in the most natural way possible. Most of my posts might seem raw to the eye of the professionals out there but hey this is the way I love it. This is the way I can do it. I always look to improve myself and that will remain the case in the future as well.

Find a passion, follow it. Don’t expect it to be according some set rule or guideline. And don’t expect that from others either.


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