The V-Day!

Valentine’s Day, the ultimate commercial holiday. It has been the same for years. Observed in full force in the west it has now become quite popular in our part of the world as well. So much so that it has evoked the sensibilities of different quarters of the society. There are those who follow and adore this day to death. There are those who are moderate and just think of it as one of those silly things but all in fun and good spirit. And then of course there will be those who will raise the banners, cry shame, create a lot of noise on and during the day and then later on in the night wish it at 11.59 to their special one or special one to be .. or whoever they are stalking :P.

In my humble opinion… it is just a commercial holiday. I don’t think it should be taken as either the ultimate day of love and match making and soul mates and neither as an all out attack on one’s religion because it isn’t either. It is just a commercial holiday. The story behind V-Day and St. Valentine are actually quite brutal and sad and has nothing to do with flowers and hearts and candies whatsoever. The commercial holiday that we celebrate today is merely a concentration of Flowers, Chocolates, Heart shapes candies, Heart shaped balloon, Heart shaped X Y & Z purchases made by Men & Women, Boys & Girls around the globe. It is supposed to be a day of love.

Interestingly enough for the various working men I came across yesterday it was more of a ‘You had better be home early from work tonight’ day. Where they could not afford to give the home ministry any sort of disappointment or failure. I mean because this is after all the ultimate romantic day of love. One person got flabbergasted at the idea of their being an official dinner on the 14th that he actually sat me down and asked me if I had lost my marbles. When I told him for me it was just a commercial holiday he said he sympathized with me but the ring on his finger did not. Another man when he heard this story started laughing because he thought I was making a cruel joke of some sorts. Then there was this individual who was thanking his lucky stars that his wife was not in the tv lounge that night when a Sitcom was on and one of the characters on it had made a fantastic arrangement for V-Day for his wife. I believe he thanked his lucky stars 3-4 times as the show was on. There is another example as well: while I was on my way back home from work I saw a man frantically park his car in the sidelane on Shahbaz, dart through the traffic ensuring he doesn’t get hit by a car, into the florist shop across the road. He grabbed the first Bouquet that was on the shelf (and a big one too) threw some money at the shop keeper and dart back to the car. Now I don’t know about anyone else… but I think that man was actually scared for his health over the consequences of not getting flowers. All these guys made it seem like this is more of a performance or assessment day by the home ministry than anything else.

For all the singles out there it is the ultimate opportunity to be cheesy. A friend went to park towers yesterday. What she witnessed there last night left her in a fit of barrels. Apparently there was red all around (not just the decor). Men and women were wearing all sorts of red outfits. Red shirts, red kurtas, red dresses (and this is not just the various promotional marketing people in their uniforms… but well… the general populace). I mean for crying out loud … can someone please tell me if there is a red rule for V-Day written somewhere and if no one has ever tried to rectify that hideous mistake?!

I have nothing against V-Day. I just think it should be taken as what it is. A day of celebrating love (although I have my reservations on that too. You aren’t allowed to celebrate love on the remaining 364 days?). It is a commercial day of love. Show your love to the various brands out there by giving them your money and wrapping it up nicely and giving it to your significant other. And also it doesn’t really have to be just couples. You could love anyone. Your parent, sibling, a friend… just show them that you love them as well. Let’s try to attach a deeper essence to this day than just heart shaped scented candles :P.

Yes there are some of you reading it out there who might say that I am writing what I am writing and the vein in which I am writing because I am single. Well you are wrong. That is my humble opinion on V-Day. I am not saying that I haven’t been sucked into it in the past. I have. But when you are with someone unfortunately you can’t avoid being sucked in. But I’ll say this much- I was never cheesy about it!!



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