Beaching with an Endless Horizon

I can feel the calmness around me. Nothing but stretches of sand to my sides and the vast open waters to the front. A cool breeze and soothing sounds of nature. Waves sliding on and off the beach. The leaves moving. Water splashing against the rocks. And I am just sitting and taking in the awesomeness of this paradise. People generally look at a clear night sky and the millions of stars on view and the inherent feeling of being smaller than a tiny speck in this universe sets in. I saw the endless horizon and felt the same. But it was beautiful. It was amazing. It was and is one of nature’s greatest pick me ups. Add a nice spot to sit, your best music collection, earphones and the moment is complete.

If you haven’t gathered as much so far then me me state what should have been obvious. I love beaches. They are fantastic. And a regular visit to them would do one very good. But it has to be a completely committed visit. Isolation from your normal 24/7 routine. Getting away from life to enjoy it more.

Beach visits are a different experience in summers and in winters. In summers it’s more like an activity based visit. Like beach sports and going into the water for a bit. Winters is just about taking it all in. The elements around you.

One more reason why I love my city – the beach is only ever 20-40 minutes away depending on which one I am going to. It’s my city by the sea. My view of an endless horizon.




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