Emotionally yours, Human

I know that in general the difference between man and beast has always been put down to the intellectual capacity that humans posses. We have opposable thumbs and a brain which thinks, applies logic and rationalises all situations. We process the information given to us. But somehow that just doesn’t complete it. I mean yes the obvious physical differences are there. But that’s not what we are driving at. In fact this blog isn’t about the difference about humans and animals at all. It’s about how we are incredibly emotional creatures. About how really when it comes down to the battles between our heads and hearts then really the overwhelming and awesome power of our hearts has no match. Our EQ holds supreme over the IQ.

We have all, I am sure, had many points in time in our lives when we have had to pick between the two. And not just for any particular situation. It is not restrictive to relationships. It could be work. It could be something one is very passionate about like their works of art, their life’s dream etc. I know I have been through situations pertaining to my job / career which demanded of course a rational and logical choice. Now that would really be the domain of the head. The grey matter. But even then if I think back it came down to what my heart was telling me. Why? In a very simple explanation our ability to feel or know what we really want is in our heart. Our entire emotional content and baggage is stored there. Our personality is half defined from their. Our words are conceived in our hearts. The brain just gives them the language and shape to come out coherently.

We feel welled up while watching incredibly made and directed emotionally critically movie/tv show scenes. We feel our hearts sink during stories of struggle and tragedy. We feel excited during stories of triumph and giddy during really good love ones.

For some people work is their life. In such cases the work would be their passion in life. The drive for this passion comes from our emotional hubs i.e. the heart. Sports athletes are a good example of passion. They play with heart. They get emotionally invested into their teams or their individual sport when they step onto the field. Music comes from our souls. Our souls are just an outlet display of sorts or distributive channel of our hearts. Artists, social workers, humanitarians, chefs, adventurers, entrepreneurs all have passion. And that passion is driven by our emotions and feelings. Our hearts, our emotions and our feelings is who we are, is our life.

We love people because of emotional interactions with them and not because we can sit down and do math with them. Nor is it because we can intellectualise trivial things. We love people because we get emotionally connected to them.

Now because we are so we also seek validation for our feelings and emotions. We seek clarity. We look for a sign in almost everything. We look to relate ourselves with almost anyone (mostly fictional characters). We want signals. Omens even if superficial ideas end up creating some degree of chaos in us.

This is who we are. This is what makes us human. It defines us and drives us and makes us, well, us. It is the ink to writing our life story.

P.S. the title might not make sense to some. It is the best I could come up with at 2.30 AM.



  1. As thought provoking as it could have been, it’s seems incomplete. Stop blogging when you’re half asleep. :p You’re like an author who finishes the chapter and leaves the reader on the edge of the seat without penning down the ending.

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