I went to a playground park a couple of days back with my nephew in Phase 8, DHA. The park is really well made with all sorts of swings and other playground obstacles. The nephew and other kids over there were having a ball and looking at them just sent me back to my own childhood and how everyday at the playground would be a new imaginary adventure. From make belief fairy tales of a prince fighting monsters to a band of super heroes going through the gauntlets and mazes put forth to them by the evil villains of yore.

From the ropes and chains of the wobbly logs over the demonic fires of mount doom to the slippery slopes before the fortress of the evil black knight.

We didn’t really have the tons of gadgets and gaming consoles back then. I mean there were no ps3’s or iPhones. We had a defined outdoor time in our heads in which we would go and play with our friends. To have wonderful adventures engineered by innocent imaginations. We couldn’t wait to come up with the most fantastic tales and games, form our teams and take our gear (toys) and begin our journeys.

Of course there were times we didn’t imagine any tales, just grab our water guns or bows and arrows and then use this playground as a battlefield. Point is the playground was the centre of our evening time universe! I couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 5 (for most of the year) so I could make my way to the ground of goodness. This of course faded with time and as I grew but from age 5 to age 10 it was a thrill.

Even today kids enjoy the playgrounds but maybe more in a way of exercise. I don’t see the same adventurous sparkle in the eyes of kids today in playground that was there when I was their age. Today’s kids are the iGeneration with their apples, playstations and Dora games.

Anyways to each generation their own. 🙂






  1. A beautiful reminiscence. The reader couldn’t agree more. Our generation not only had a better childhood but it was also more innocent because it was well protected.

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