Of Office Idiots, Morons and ‘Paindu Productions’

I came upon an article titled ‘Working with idiots can kill you’ a couple of days back. Some good people of an institute in Sweden carried out a survey of people who suffered heart attacks and a staggering 60% were not caused by bad habits ( smoking etc) or physical lifestyle habits. They were caused by stress. And this was further noted to be not because of work pressures like deadlines or sales targets etc. but rather because of having deal with idiots at work who would do things like putting files in the recycle bin of the computer because she thought it would actually recycle the documents into new.

I would really like to continue on this thought and expand the selection of work place characters from just idiots to morons, stupid people, dumb asses and doofuses. Now I am not saying that each one requires a separate definition but it’s just that we tend to refer to them all in basically the same pool of annoying people at work. It’s actually quite fascinating that if you think about it you can identify so many of them in your Organization. And even more who are senior managers. Leading teams of people unfortunately having to follow their fearless leader into abyss.

It gets worse when one of these brilliantly wonderful morons or idiots gets off on an ego high. All hell breaks loose on the unfortunate world and concept of logic. It actually becomes scarce and common sense becomes not so common. One of the best anecdotes for this of course is something that a colleague said to me once “you see that window? Well we are on the 5th floor so continuing straight through that window will have judicious results”.

For me the two biggest factors for categorising people into morons or idiots are a)the lack of logic b) dumb blondes. I am sorry, but if you tell me that ‘excel might be running slow on the projector processing wise but it must be running normally on the laptop the projector is connected to then you are nothing else but a dumb blonde. And not even a blonde blonde. Just the dumb aspect of being a blonde! It is criminal. Also as I was writing I thought of a third category i.e. c) the paindu productions. If you come to office wearing large eye sore of a flower headband on top of your head and a dress which looks more like a fancy table cloth with holes cut in it then I am going to give you a nick name and I will judge you. Oh and trust me the clothing horrors aren’t just limited to women. Little did you know that guys make a simple thing as casual Fridays into a freaking beach party with their shredded jeans and patched up round neck t-shirts. It is infuriating. It’s casual Friday not the rave at the office.

Nick names are actually one way which eases the tension of dealing with all these people. Also rants and imitations in front of a fellow bitcher are extremely helpful. Having a good desk neighbour is also awesome. Not everyone is lucky that way since most don’t get to choose.

If only there was some provision in law which would make it justifiable for us to get away with murder. Hmmm maybe self defence since those nice Swedish people did say that working with the idiots can kill me? Yes, no, maybe?

Anyway cheer up, it’s Thursday tomorrow and the weekend is near. :)! And I know I know. Some of you are thinking I could have done so much more with this post, been more sarcastic and unforgiving but this was completely written on my iPhone and well the length of writing a big post through this can be challenging :p />




  1. Fun read. Love the criminal joke about the “dumb aspect of being a blonde”. Unfortunately no defence in law to get rid of them. Not even public service 😛 wished you had elaborated on the “paindu production” a bit more.

    • Hahaha yes I wish I would have elaborated on a lot of things more in this post. I might come up with a part 2 for it soon

  2. Hilarious post!

    dumb blondes are actually intelligent in real life they just pretend to be stupid that’s what i have experienced.

    paindu productions just ruin my fav color by wearing SHOCKING purple 😦

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