Of Palmists, Tarot Card Readers and knowing the future

I had mentioned in a blog last month that in my need to improve myself I will start writing on random topics. One of the ways I have started doing that is picking out stuff from conversations or discussions that I have with various people – friends, colleagues etc. Why the disclaimer you ask? Well because my next like, and the way the blog will essentially start will point to the fact that the last couple of my blogs start with ‘I had an interesting conversation with my friend the other day’ or ‘I was discussing something with a work mate’ or stuff like that. Anyways let us get to the topic at hand.
I was having a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday on whether people would like knowing about their future, just a getting little sneak preview to know where one will be 5 years down the line either professionally or otherwise. While that will be very useful information and yes it will give one a severe case of ease of mind wouldn’t it take the fun out of living? It would be like reading a thriller you’ve read before or even written yourself. You already know how it ends so there are no surprises. There is no emotional journey. Now I am not saying that all emotional journeys are good or pleasant. They aren’t all ones which you would want to go through again. But then it is these experiences which define us. It won’t really be an experience if you’ve lived through it. There will be no discovery. There will be no rush of feelings upon meeting that special someone. There would be no anxiety of getting your dream job. You would already know. Somewhere in the back of your mind you would know that the palmist sitting at Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazaar already told you that you will meet your ‘soul mate’ in 2 years. Now of course the temptation of being able to plan for things that will happen in 2 years time (guaranteed) will be so much easier and much more efficient. And trust me that is even more so for someone like me who likes to plan and think and over think things. Personal life decisions of some significance (I mean I am not taking into account decisions like what I want to have for lunch) are a really back and forth and over analyzing process for me. But I would still leave it that way because I want life to remain a continuous process of discovery. I want pleasant surprises even if I have to take culture shocks along the way. It’s the whole ying yang thing… you can’t have the good without the bad. The bad exists so that good is what it is.
I like having that mystery in life. I like meeting that someone without actually knowing it is her. The whole process of going from interesting person to someone I like to well the next step. Yes … I am floozy romantic at heart. I like going through the gears of feeling evolution. Similarly I don’t want to know where I’ll be sitting 2 years from now work wise. I like the challenge at work. I like feeling proud of achievements for which I have worked through trying and testing environments. For e.g. if I have closed a client while in the sales team… I felt really happy about it. If I would have known that I WILL close that client already… it would not have been the same. Even if you look at sports… a win is so much more gratifying when you sweat over it and bite your nails. In a crude way it isn’t so if lets the match was already fixed (which could be taken as an equivalent as knowing the future from the Tarot Card Reader and Palmist).  So anyways… to cut it short… I like not knowing.
Now coming to the Tarot Card Readers and Palmists. The other aspect about this ‘knowing the furutre’ business is that it can’t really be credible. I mean yes there are books on it and some people have claimed for their readings to be true but really the readings in those cases are pretty generic. Like you will be doing well in work in the next 2 – 3 years. It’s a coincidence really. If you have worked hard and know how to handle people then DUH you will be doing well in your work life. So a bunch of pictures on some cards that a parrot in a mystifying sense of spiritual wisdom picked out for you to tell you your future is:

A)     For me not really credible. He could have blabbered anything that he wanted to and you wouldn’t really have a way of knowing if it is accurate or not but would be parting with some money nonetheless. And there is no way for you to claim ‘mis-selling’ either. There are no money back guarantees. Not that you would actually come back hunting for the person in 5 years time because he charged you 500 bucks for something that didn’t come true. If you do… you have other issues that you need to deal with first.
B)      This whole thing even if we say has a 100% true result it just adds to the burden of over thinking about stuff. Especially for people like me who already plan and think and over think and analyze and over analyze. Why would anyone want that on their head?
C)      I find that it is much more fascinating for someone you don’t know from jack to tell you exactly what your life has already been about. Now that is well … some serious mojo. It is awesomely creepy.
One has to admit thou that these guys probably do make a lot of freebie cash. As do some other people of varying skills in our society … (please … I meant the whole ‘designer’ bakers and wedding planners and wedding clothes designers etc). But that is for another day and another blog. For now rejoice for Wednesday is almost at an end and the weekend is just 2 days away. And hey I didn’t even have to get my palm read to know that! J



  1. I agree with certain aspects of your opinion and disagree with the rest. Although mystery is the awe of life but every now and then the irrational mind needs to assured that life will work out. Not every down play will result in failure. Even though I have never got palmistry or tarot card reading done for myself but that doesn’t mean I am not tempted enough to pay a visit. Like you said, they give generic remarks i.e. sammywiseguy has already met the girl of his dreams but the relationship itself will become prominent by the end of 2012. You know plenty of girls and there are still 3 seasons to the end of 2012- the mystery element is there. You live each day with the decisions you make.. c’mon you have to be kidding me if you say that you don’t like it if people tell you success is in your way be it in any walk of life?! Whereas, discovery is innate to the human nature but constant encouragement (however phrased) that destination is not far is equally important.

    • Of course I love hearing people tell me good things are there for me in the future. And one does keep hearing generic stuff like that in their life from their loved ones and friends. But that’s part of life. I wouldn’t want to specifically go to someone to tell me that. But that’s me

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