Of Blogging…

I was asked recently as to why I blog. That this blogging might be an easy route for some one to get an insight into who I am without having to make much effort. I suppose from one angle it’s true. People could get an idea about my perspective and opinions on various things, but the real personal stuff , the stuff that would actually be helpful in knowing who I am as a person is not going to be evident to the reader of this blog. At least I don’t think so. This should address the second part of the query. But what about the million dollar question? Why do I blog?

This isn’t something that has not been asked before. Nor has this thought not crossed my mind. Why do I blog? Do I do it for fame? Hardly. Do I get paid? Not a chance. So then why?

I’ve found over the past couple of years that I find blogging to be a good channel to achieve multiple objectives. It helps me express my opinions or put my perspective out there. I tend to get at times moments of inspirational thought which gets translated into some sort of philosophical gibberish. At other times something happens in this world (and mostly in our land of the pure) that stirs me enough to put my 2 cents out there. At othe times it’s just thoughts in my head that tend to start coming together to become comprehensible blabber. Whatever the case, I love writing. It makes me feel good. I believe everyone needs those one or 2 things which makes them feel like they have stepped out of their reality. In a weird way writing helps with that even though I don’t really write fiction that much. I have started publicising my blog more in the past year or so because I have also wanted to improve more and more. I feel that this way I will be able to get positive criticism and improve myself as a blogger. There are so many different things one can do through blogging. Become on the move journalists blogging the news as it happens from anywhere in the world. Become a conspiracy theorist with a sort of a cult following. A marketing guru constantly putting out ideas to better market brands. A short story writer. A poet. A photo blogger: let the pictures do most of the talking while you use the few words to put the icing in the top. Food blogger, sports blogger, book critic, movie critic etc etc. the world is open to your imagination.

Where did this love of writing come from? The closest answer would be my genes I guess and also because I love reading and that in turn inspires me to write myself. One of my favourites in this regard has always been PG Wodehouseand his Jeeves & Wooster series. The first person narrative full of wit and humour is presented simply and is one which will in my opinion transcend generations to come.

Anyways, I’ve blabbed too much. Happy blogging šŸ™‚


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