Of Goats, Cows and Eid

It is that time of year when a short lived economy surfaces in our country. A time when the Muslim spirit rises through the ceiling and our roads and lanes and streets and plots are laden with goats and cows. Preparations for sacrifice for the Eid have been made. Come Monday there will be blood on the driveways and roads. Come Monday the overly massive display of sacrifice made by a certain rich finance company owner on main Khy-e-Hafiz will be a hassle for passrsby. The sounds of ‘moo’and ‘meh’ would have been long silenced since the morning.

Ok so yes so far this sums up as a horrible piece for all goats and cows out there and maybe some extreme vegetarians (a.k.a cuckoos) not at all in favor of unnecessary slaughtering and consumption of the said mammals but I was trying to go for a build up here. Luckily for me cows and goats don’t know how to read, or access the Internet, or you know pretty much anything to do with technology. So the cuckoos will be the only ones I will have to deal with. And if they cause too much trouble then I can always go and appeal to the ghairat of the jammat-e-islami types (as Nadeem Paracha would put it).

Anyways I have digressed too much. So it is as I said earlier that time of year again. The new Kurtas will come out soon after the sacrifice and then there will be the distribution of the meat as prescribed in our religion. There will be lunches and dinners and home bbqs. There will be eidi still for some of the younger lot. It will generally be a festive time. For the salaried class it is a long weekend ( and for the cheekier ones who took thursday and friday off it will be longer still). For business owners it simply means one thing: ‘dhanda nahi hoga’. You can’t really blame them given their plight with all the forced closures in bad situations and then unnecessary and unrequired public holidays.

And as I have brought up one plight I would just like to quickly touch up on another. While we all do enjoy this Eid with our loved ones please also spare a thought to all those who have suffered in the floods. I don’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate. Please do but if you can then do pray for them and donate whatever you can.

Getting back to the mechanics of this particular Eid, the joyous and festive occasion that it will be it will also translate into a lot of consumption of meat as already mentioned. And will create a short lived economy. A surge in the meat industry. I was shocked a few years ago when I had first heard the figures involved during the ‘bakra’ Eid season. It went into millions. I am pretty sure that figure must have drastically increased since then. And it’s not jut the meat sellers but also the free lancing butchers who are hired on Eid morning to do the deed. As is normal in this country the rates of everything go up during festive seasons (which is quite the opposite of what happens elsewhere in the world in holiday spirit). So the free lancing butchers also increase their rates and charges. Meat prices go up. And well all other hings even remotely connected with this. So suffice to say everyone loosens their coffers to contribute to this bubbling economy of the meats.

I will however not indulge too much on that topic as it would require someone more in touch with economics and someone with generally a better understanding of this entire supply and demand stuff.

The best thing about this Eid and in fact both ends for the past few years has been the fact that it has been falling in the winter season. It just adds so much more to the joy of cooking and bbqing meat in this season ( ok I definitely completely pissed the sentimentality of my uber vegetarian readers out there didn’t I). And of course the whole standing near the flames of the cook pit .. wonderful feeling it is.

I shall close on this tempting note and hopefully leave you with thoughts of a fabulously cooked and seasoned ‘raan’. A happy, joyously meaty and wonderful Eid in advance to all. đŸ˜€


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