Winter’s Here – Karachi Style

So the past few days the slight change in weather has been coming in the wee hours of the morning and at night. It’s been chilly at that time. It has been a sign of that wonderful yet brief period of the year when the weather in Karachi becomes pleasant with the cool breeze, the chill in the air and that general overall weather and temperature which demands a night time BBQ or cookout (one of the best activities during Karachi’s winters is to make your own BBQ).

I generally don’t like the winter season. I am more inclined towards autumn or summer. Spring is ok but the prospect of so many flowers around just waiting to be attacked by bees is not a good one (yes, I don’t like bees all that much). But then that is the great thing with this city by the sea. It’s interpretation of the cold season is awesome. Maybe one of the reasons I don’t really believe the winter in Karachi is actually winter is because almost half my life I’ve spent in cities where when it’s November, you start turning on the heaters and wearing those thick and itchy sort of sweaters. In Karachi the maximum that I need is a light jacket over a t-shirt.

Also I’ve noticed, from various tweets, Facebook updates and the general disposition of people that their calmness level tends to increase. They seem a little more relaxed about things. Some get delirious at the thought of it being just around the corner. The only other place I found a weather similar to this city’s was Dubai. December felt very pleasant in Dubai and again the maximum was jacket, a light jacket that I needed.

Additionally there is also the hope that load shedding won’t happen in these couple of months.

So the best things to do in winters in Karachi? For me its the following:

1. Beach: Yes. It is a brilliant time to go to the beach. The nip in the air, the chill of the waves hitting your feet, and a bright winter sun.

2. BBQ: make your own BBQ either in a night time cook out at home or at the beach. It is awesome

3. Crabbing/Boating: Not that I am a fan of sea food, but still once in a while boating/crabbing isn’t that bad. It feels calm at sea and again the mix of the winter sun and nip in the air feels really good.

4. Winter Weddings: Hands down it is a far superior time and weather for wedding functions than any other season.

The one negative for me is the dryness. But that’s not just Karachi, its everywhere in winter.

Anyways, a happpy winter to you all. Enjoy the cookouts, roasted peanuts, warm cup of coffees and the general good weather!


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