The Unwarranted Public holiday : 24 Oct 2011

The following post is not meant to offend or be disrespectful towards anyone. Neither is it meant to be disrespectful towards death

Begum Nusrat Bhutto passed away in Dubai earlier today. The former first lady was suffering from cancer and will be laid to rest in Gahi Khuda Bux besides the grave of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

The government has announced a 10 day mourning period and Public holiday on Monday. The Prime Minister has had his schedule cleared and a cabinet meeting which was supposed to take place on Tuesday has also apparently been cancelled. Also the PPP has announced a 40 day mourning period.

In a country which has for most parts of this year and the last few years seen sporadic holidays and forced closures as a result of various issues, I am sorry but this Public Holiday wasn’t warranted. We have seen the major cities coming to a halt because of rains, sectarian and ethnic violence, political feuding and protests and of course the ever troubled power situation of the country. The educational systems have been taking a lot of hits. With security issues and then health scares on the rise there have been more and more holidays. Businesses have consistently suffered. A day lost at work is a day lost at the bourse nd the market and that means financial losses. The overall effect is on the economy of the country. I could continue with various other things but I am fairly confident that I have gotten my point across: tomorrow’s Public Holiday isn’t warranted.

Apart from the economic reason there is also the logical challenge in it. The late Mrs Bhutto was an ordinary citizen of Pakistan living in Dubai (for whatever reasons). Why does her death warrant a public holiday? I mean by that logic then the PPP government needs to start announcing a lot of other holidays, considering that there have been a lot more ordinary citizens of this country who had been struggling against the system for survival but lost their lives in the struggle of life in either sectarian, ethnic or terrorist violence. Almost 100 people died when Zulfiqar Mirza’s first speech of the summer caused furore in the city (mostly for his statements against the MQM). Where are their public holidays? Almost 300 people have died from dengue. Where is their holiday? We have been losing our soldiers and policemen in the war against terrorism. Did we ever think of giving a public holiday for an of the above mentioned? No. I feel the Army jawaans do more for this country than most of the other ordinary citizens. So don’t really see the logic or justifications behind tomorrows holiday.

For me it is infuriating in the overall context. We have taken enough hits to our economy. Our business community is suffeering as it is with the power outages and the last round of forced holidays and halt to business activity. Isn’t the government’s first duty to the betterment of the nation? How will this help? It won’t. It is nothing more then being tragic that the Government of Pakistan announced a public holiday in respect and mourning for the death of Nusrat Bhutto. It is absolutely disgraceful that everyone can see the sheer political mileage bit being tracked by the government in doing this. They are merely making a mockery of the system.

Let me again make it clear, I am not saying this to hurt the sentiments of the PPP and its worker. I have nothing against Nusrat Bhutto. And I most certainly do not mean to disrespect her death.

When I discussed this with a couple of people they started joking saying that in protest I should still go to my office. I really don’t see the humour in this. It is sad and absolutely ridiculous the way things are really going in this country.

Our nation is bleeding and instead of doing whatever we can in our capacity we joke about these things. And on then we wonder why things are the way they are.

Note to the reader: this post was completed at 3:30 am and wasn’t proofread at all. Also, the title isn’t one of my best for this post but the nature of the topic I discussed was limiting for me. I didn’t want to sound too disrespectful in the title to begin with. It really should have been ‘ farce of a public holiday ‘.



  1. hey
    very well written ๐Ÿ™‚

    i agree to most but you did not mention how much business Pakistan lost on that day because of the holiday, my office was open though(don’t know why but it was) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    keep going, you have talent!!


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