Of the Wedding Season…and mehndis..

I miss posting on my blog as much as I used to. Its one of the most satisfying channels for me to express myself. The hits and comments are fun too … but just … the fact that I can write whatever I want whenever I want …its liberating in a sense.

In pursuance of wanting to write more and more on the blog and also wanting to improve on my blogging skills (yes yes .. I know a lot of you rolled your eyes now because you think not just improve but improve a lot :P) I am going to try and write about absolutely random stuff as well. Things that I experience in my everyday life. If one thinks about it, one must be able to blabber about random stuff …. make the everyday routine of life sound absolutely spectacular…. nail biting… thrilling… exhilarating…err… I think you all get the point.

Let us start by acknowledging the season that is upon us. No I don’t mean Autumn … this is Karachi. There are no autumns in Karachi. Its just Summer… slightly lesser summer… slightly .. very slightly chilly…. pleasant… slight spring.. and then summer again. But I digress. The season I am talking about is the one and only ‘Shaadi’ season! The last 4 years without fail, the last quarter of the year has always been busy for me with weddings of friends, close friends and cousins. And its the same this time. I am glad that this season comes in the last quarter thou. Being in Karachi this is the time the weather is good for weddings and all these sort of functions. I quite enjoy the ‘winter’ weddings in Karachi. The breeze is nice. The temperature is just right. And the overall air that hangs around seems …. friendly so to speak.

Now with the coming of the season also comes the dances, the kurta kapra shopping, the mehndi jora shopping, the music, the dinners, the bachelor parties, the bachelorette parties etc etc. This is the only time I actually like bolly songs. Can’t stand them for the remainder of the year. But mehndi days … good days for bolly songs. Although I am of the view that you don’t really just need to focus on bolly songs for dances on mehndis for there are many good english songs out there as well which would be awesome! But oh the lack of imagination with people. I also feel that people tend to go overboard with their mehndi dance preperations. For me its about 3-4 weeks of maddening fun with people you know. Close friends, family, cousins etc. Not about paying a choreographer who comes and teaches you to put up a dance number which is perfectly synchronized because of my lord the audience has Simon sitting somewhere going ‘My grandmother can dance better then that. You are crap.’ It should always be about fun. That doesn’t mean to say that the dance you do should not at all be practiced (unless you are doing it free style). But still … FUN people! And most importantly… the groom and bride need to have fun. Its their time. Its their wedding.

We did a dance on Elvis Pressley’s ‘A little less conversation’ remix version on my cousin’s mehndi last year. It was a hit. Well ..actually it was more of fun then being a hit. And honestly .. one more secret…. the days leading up to the mehndi are more fun in terms of the dances and the dance practicing and all. The day of the mehndi is like .. a battlefield. The war paint is adorned in the form of the theme colours chosen by the two sides. (Similar kurtas for the guys… and in some cases similar dress styles for the gals … like the same design in different colours. It has to be different colours because my lord if they wore the exact same dress). The fighting lines are drawn and the designated coordinators (read: the poor saps given the responsibility of ensuring a 10/10 performance by your side in the dances) get to work. Shuttling between the DJ and the dance floor and the people who were supposed to get in place for the next song! Oh and the travesty of one wrong step… one forgotten move… one mistimed shake of the hip! *shudders*. 163064_10150374572830604_528380603_16988405_4691549_n

All of the above sounds absolutely crazy but that’s how intense these competitions have become. I mean if I think back to my eldest cousin’s wedding back in ‘96, it was extremely different. People actually had the same intense sense of competition for the dholak part, where all the young ones … and some slightly old ones gather around a dhol … play it and sing in extreme off key and loud voices. Mind you .. it was fun.  And that intensity didn’t come out of weeks of practice and demands for perfection. Nope… just spur of the moment … ‘josh’ if one could put it that way. The dhol bit … is more or less extinct these days. I don’t mind that thou. I mean yes it was fun. But now people singing the same old songs … that they have been singing on the dhol for the last 15 years … is old and tired. And I am also tired of just singing ‘Rang barse’ again and again.

Just drifting away from the whole main purpose of the mehndi bit …. I like the way I feel during mehndis as well. It just seems like a time period …where things seem to magically happen in terms of emotions. Your happiness levels are high. Its just that everyone’s there. Everyone’s having fun. Everyone’s partying. Its a good place to be at. And maybe I am also saying it because it just feels like the setting seems perfect for ‘something in the air’ and the ‘finding of someone’. Now for people who know me would also know that its fairly been e asy for me to fall for someone. Well ok not easy .. but I am the kind of guy you can expect it from. I like people. I like getting those exciting heart skipping a beat kind of feelings for someone. I am the guy who likes romantic comedies because you know in the end love finds a way its like they live happily ever after. I confess that feeling hasn’t really visited me in some time. There has been an odd interest generated in between but .. not that same feeling. Maybe this is the year …maybe with other things happening and mental peace having been achieved, who knows. Right ?

Anyways, thank you for sitting through this first random post of … umm .. new soon to follow series of random blog posts .. and more frequent blog posts might I add.

Happy Dancings everyone! 🙂



  1. Reminds me of urooj’s dance practices..
    Karachi sure has the best weddings ever.

    I agree with taha’s comment … Hahaha
    Good luck 🙂
    Missing karachi weddings

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