My City Rain

There’s always a period of curious fear between the first sweet-smelling breeze and the time when the rain comes cracking down.
                                                   – Don Delillo, American Author and Playwright

I love the Karachi rain. I love the monsoon season in this city. I don’t know what makes it better for me over other cities, but I love it. Yes for many people rain brings its own sets of worries and I have heard time and again ‘Oh please don’t let it rain in Karachi’ because of the problems associated with it. Getting stuck on the road with water puddles and roads being flooded and of course rain water entering houses through windows etc. I have been stuck in rain on the road with water coming into my car. I have been up all night running from one window to the other to ensure that the water entering through them is immediately dealt with. And of course we have all experienced in the past the KESC problems of the season. I’ve experienced all these problems and yes some of them remain at the same level of hassle this year as well. But I still embrace all the drops from heaven with the same happiness I have each year.

The monsoons always paint a beautiful image of Karachi. It looks like a portrait. Everything gets drenched and the colours seem to get a revitalising charge up against the backdrop of an overcast and grey sky. The smell of the air, the look of sea view, the drenched and dripping trees, its amazing. For a city which sees hot and humid through the majority of the year, the monsoons are a season of paradise. (Again those who don’t like the hassle will go ‘pfffft’ , but hey I have learned to absorb the hassle and embrace it so don’t be haters :P).

Ideally you want to be enjoying it at the comfort of your home. Or for some at the beach. Feel the drops on yourself. Getting drenched in the water from the heavens. Soaking every bit and bone of yourself. The sound of each drop smacking against your rain jacket, leaf, window, ground ….. it is one of the most awesome moments to be experiencing nature. And what makes it more ideal (something that wasn’t there in the other cities where I have experienced rain, well not as much anyway) is the wind. The combination of water and wind lashing against you just seems like a recharge. Just close your eyes, spread your arms and let nature do the rest.

I know for someone who doesn’t like swimming or going near the pool people will raise eyebrows as to why he likes getting soaked and drenched in rain. A warranted question. But with rain, with the heavens opening up like they did today with the wind in tow, I feel in my element. That is definitely not the case with a swimming pool.

As the latest ‘Levis’ ads have been saying Go Forth Karachi, enjoy this rain and your life, for it is yours to enjoy. Ok so that isn’t exactly what the ad has been saying but I really wanted to use the ‘Go Forth’ expression :p.

Happy Showers – enjoy the heavens open while they are. 🙂




  1. Beautiful. Fantastic piece of writing. This really made me miss Karachi. Reminded me of those awesome summer days driving around in the rain..aah memories!

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